From the Ukraine…

In 2017, a campaign was launched to raise awareness on the benefits of wellness lifestyles and to inspire people around the globe to adopt healthier habits. Now in its third year, World Wellness Weekend has grown to include over 2,000 venues in 100 countries and local businesses and community members are encouraged to get involved.

Taking place September 21 – 22, the web-based campaign promotes free health and wellness activities around the globe and is free to join.

From Malaysia…

World Wellness Weekend was started by French hospitality consultant Jean-Guy de Gabriac, CEO of Tip Touch International, and is now supported by over 40 associations and federations including the United Nations Global Sustainability Index Institute European Commission.

As a national sponsor, Massage Envy is supporting the effort and offering free services across the country on that weekend. “World Wellness Weekend gives us a fantastic opportunity to highlight the importance of integrating regular body care rituals like massage and facials into a total body wellness lifestyle,” says President and CEO Joe Magnacca.

“This is our way of giving back to the community,” adds Holly Lassak, owner of Massage Envy of the Desert, which has locations in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and La Quinta.   

Other businesses and organizations are encouraged to join as an opportunity to showcase services and inspire new clients while taking part in the worldwide initiative. Participants are encouraged to get creative in developing fun activities based on the campaign’s five pillars of well-being: Sleep and Restoration, Nutrition and Nourishment, Vitality and Movement, Serenity and Mindfulness, Purpose and Solidarity.                                                     

…and from Peru

The Massage Envy desert locations will be open to the public from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday (9/21) and Sunday (9/22) and community members can sample one of three free offers: a skin consultation with a licensed esthetician to learn about their particular skin condition and needs along with a free sample (while supplies last); trial of Rapid Tension Relief which combines the skills of a licensed massage therapist with the cutting-edge technology of Hypervolt, a percussion massage device; and a free trial of Total Body Stretch, Massage Envy’s head-to-toe assisted stretch that helps increase mobility, flexibility and performance.

“We hope to see a lot of people come try these free services during World Wellness Weekend,” adds Lassak.  “There are no hidden costs and no strings attached.  The services are a great way for us to help people understand how they can keep their bodies working.”

One of the goals of World Wellness Weekend is to remind people that while “health is a relationship between their body and a doctor, wellness is a responsible relationship between one’s body and one’s self.” Organizers encourage properties across the globe to “open their doors during a weekend of discovery and initiation dedicated to the sheer joy of Living Well with friends and family.”

“There is no nobler mission in life than encouraging each and every one to become the best version of themselves,” says de Gabriac at “It feels great to be well!”   

Applications for participation along with a worldwide map of activities being offered can be found at For more information on Massage Envy of the Desert’s planned activities, visit the Massage Envy Coachella Valley Facebook page @MassageEnvyDesert.

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