AH, VACATION. A time to take a break from the daily grind. But just because you’re away from home and work doesn’t mean you should give up on your exercise regimen. If you do, you may find it hard to get back in action once your trip is over.

In fact, your body can respond negatively to drastic changes in your day-to-day routine, so the best way to truly relax on your time off is to continue with your exact exercise regimen during your travels. Avoid a motivation slump by maintaining your healthy habits on the road. Here are some helpful tips:

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

And then prepare some more. “The best way to set yourself up for success is to do research online before setting off on a trip,” says Anthony Wall, director of professional education for the American Council on Exercise. “Know what to expect: Does the hotel have a fitness facility? What kind of equipment and/or classes does it have? Is there a pool?”

If you know what to expect from your destination, it’s a lot easier to plan accordingly. Once you know what’s available, come up with a routine that will be doable-and stick to it.

No Equipment? No Problem!

If your destination is totally gym-free, you may have to get a little more creative.

“If you work with a trainer at home, ask them to compose a workout that you can do anywhere, whether it’s in your hotel room or a nearby park or beach,” Wall says.

If you’re a runner, tap into resources like MapMyRun.com, where you can find recommended running routes in locations worldwide.

If you dig group classes, ask the concierge at your hotel to recommend nearby studios. “You can call ahead of time and get a list of studios. Then you’ll be able to check out their schedules online before you go,” Wall says.

Know Your Schedule

In addition to researching the gym options where you’re staying, it doesn’t hurt to know your daily schedule and when the optimal time to fit in a workout would be.

The best time to schedule your exercise is probably in the morning. You’ll most likely be busy during the day, either with business or leisure activities, and when the end of the day rolls around you might feel too tired or unmotivated to start your workout.

Even waking up just a little earlier to begin your day with exercise will help you to stay on track.

Don’t let your vacation turn into an excuse to let good habits go by the wayside. Following these simple steps can help you incorporate a healthy exercise routine into your travel plans.

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