Though people want to live a stress-free life, they often falter because of their wrong beliefs. The deeply rooted myths about stress in this society cost people their money, relationships, happiness, and sometimes even their life. With proper knowledge, you can reclaim lost peace, joy and balance in life by breaking those myths.

Actions you take based on wrong beliefs add more stress, instead of relieving it. The power of proper knowledge and beliefs can’t be undervalued.

Our ancestors believed for thousands of years that the earth was flat and was the center of the universe. Then Copernicus, Plato, and other brave men yelled out, ‘Hey! Earth is not flat like a plate, but it is round like a sphere. Sun is the center of our solar system, and the earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around!’

For a moment, just imagine what could have happened if our ancestors continued to believe that our earth is the center of the universe. All the astronomical calculations by our scientists would have gone utterly wrong. We could not have learned how to send satellites into space, get information about the earth, the details about weather, GPS capabilities, and so on. Probably we would not have the Internet, and many other technological advances we enjoy in this modern world.

Do you see how one seemingly correct – but profoundly incorrect – belief could dramatically affect the entire face of humanity? The same is true if we continue to hold false beliefs in our heart about stress.

There are ten costly myths about stress. We will discuss five of them today:

Myth #1: Stress is out there and is the result of our external circumstances.

Truth #1: Stress happens within. While external events do have some influence on us, it is our response to them that finally determines if we get stressed or not.

Myth #2: There is no way out of stress, and we have to succumb to it.

Truth #2: Stress is an illusion created through our thoughts. We are the thinkers of our thoughts; the moment we stop misusing our thoughts, all stress disappears.

Myth #3: Being stressed means you are successful.

Truth #3: Success has no meaning if you are stressed and not happy with yourself. Real success is a measure of peace of mind in balance with abundance in life.

Myth #4: No symptoms mean you are not stressed.

Truth #4: Symptoms of stress are just the tip of the iceberg. Many people do not have any symptoms. Sometimes, they are not aware of the symptoms they have. So, they think that they are not stressed.  Most people have chronic stress in their lives which adversely affects their health and relationships.

Myth #5: Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs reduce our stress.

Truth #5: They don’t. Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs give you a feeling of elation or sedation, masking the real problems of life by allowing you to ignore the true cause of stress in your life.

Dr. Kiran is a physician and stress management expert and can be reached at [email protected]. (860) 375.0446. For more on how to live with less stress and more joy, please visit

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