Have you been getting a tap on the shoulder that keeps telling you that you need a vacation? I believe that we never truly realize just how much we need an uplifting vacation, or “change of environment,” until we have actually make that change.

I recently took a spur of the moment trip to Paris. For me, walking to my next destination while deeply appreciating the visuals of history, character and spirit-filled streets of architecture was so very rich. Other things that ignited my soul included the highly inviting variety of cafes, French foods, pastries (my favorite!), espresso, French chocolates, Parisian fashion and style, their sensual delivery of the language, the many fine boutique stores, the wonderfully friendly connections with Parisians and others from around the world, and the overall spirit of passion.

Can you remember the first time you fell in love? Maybe you’ve even had a second, third, fourth or fifth time. Usually, at least the first time, we fall “ALL-IN” because we made, or make, a decision to open our heart and mind allowing for the biggest, best, most fulfilling experience possible. Remember that feeling?

I started going to Paris frequently when I was 30 years old. Today I am 57, so how could another visit to Paris be so special? I mean, I’ve made this trip many times already. Wouldn’t my trips have been the best in my younger years? I kind of thought they would be, too. It’s true, my earlier times in Paris were the best, and I am grateful to say that they continue to be so today. I wonder why…

When I arrived in Paris on May 1, it was like I had arrived back at Disneyland as a kid. It was clear I would need to choose, and I decided that I would not be having a “so-so” holiday, and therefore opted to allow all of my senses – which were in dire need of love, passion, joy, and rejuvenation – to have it, and to HAVE IT ALL!

As a psychic reader, I am always looking forward to the part where I am able to offer my clients specific solutions. With this trip, my solution (my self-care to Timothy) was actually very easy and rewarding. It was with certainty, trust and faith that I fully opened my heart and mind to Fall All-In – to fall in love with Paris once again and therefore, with my life as well.

Where is this feeling missing in your life? Is it with your career, work, family, friends, partner/partner seeking; with yourself or your once favorite beach, park or city; maybe with your once rewarding hobby of singing, writing, exercising, or volunteering?

Are you willing to be open right now? If so, let’s you and I take this moment to heighten our psychic-selves together. Right now, sit-up-straight. Take a couple of relaxing mind-clearing inhales and exhales, put your hands over your heart and ask, “Where is it in my life, right now, that I might benefit by giving myself permission to “Fall All In?”

Close your eyes, be still, connect for an answer and choose to “Fall All In” for a more fulfilling life experience.

Timothy Courtney is a psychic medium located in Palm Springs. For more information or to receive Timothy’s inspirational newsletter, please visit www.TimothyCourtney.com.

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