Exercise promotes health. It also makes us feel good. We should keep our body active. That is the theory. But doing so takes work and perseverance. 

With advancing years, the degree of effort increases exponentially. What was easy when we were younger is now more challenging than we care to admit – and yes, often discouraging. It can be so convenient to find excuses and to give up. Regrettably it does not get easier – quite the opposite. 

Fact is we need to be active for continued wellbeing during our senior years.

Why not leave the ego on the couch and admit to some age-related limitations? Keep on moving in spite of it, and with planned purpose. For example, just walking is an excellent start to strengthen your heart and protect your cardiovascular system. Distance and duration should increase gradually. It is not a race. Resistance training is important to ensure that our skeletal and muscular systems stay strong and flexible.

As muscles weaken with age, balance is impaired, which is very dangerous. Seniors can get seriously hurt when falling due to lack of equilibrium and declining core strength. 

I am speaking from personal experience. I knew that I had to slowly regain what I had lost over the years. The book store and the internet have an abundance of recommendations and guidelines, but the well-intended authors can only offer a generalized approach. They cannot know our condition and age; consequently, what we need is personalized assistance.

That is where a qualified personal trainer can be of invaluable assistance. He or she makes sure that we are doing the right exercise and that we are performing them correctly. Again, from experience, I know that the conditioning approach has to be gradual and consistent. This is not a contest with others – or with ourselves. 

Progress is the motivator to continue, and the process needs to be monitored. However, the trainer can only guide us; the work is up to us. The results are physically beneficial, and it does enhance your emotional wellbeing.

In our Coachella Valley, we are fortunate to have the choice of many gyms and work-out facilities. I did check out a number of them. My criteria were proximity to where I live, convenient times of operation, up-to-date equipment, no wait time to use equipment, safety, cleanliness, and a friendly, supportive staff.

I found what I was looking for at Anytime Fitness on Jefferson Street in Indio which is open 24 hours, so I may go at my leisure. My personal trainer, James, assessed my condition and designed a program to achieve gradual progress and personal satisfaction. I am having fun and am on the road to fitness and health. 

You can begin this journey at any time in your life. It is never too late. Establish your criteria, find a trainer with whom you are comfortable, and dedicate yourself.

Your health is worth it, so as they say, “Just Do It!”

George can be reached at [email protected]

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