La Quinta has joined over 4,000 cities around the globe making fitness free and accessible to all through the installation of an outdoor circuit training court. The new facility is part of a multi-million dollar nationwide effort to get people excited about health and fitness. Spearheaded by National Fitness Campaign (NFC), the Fitness Court® ecosystem combines national campaign resources, digital tools, evolving challenges and best-in-class equipment to create the world’s best outdoor gym experience.

Located at La Quinta Park across from La Quinta High School on the corner of Blackhawk Way and Adams Street, the course takes users through seven movements and offers four progressive training options: easy, medium, hard and expert. There is also an app designed to be a coach in your pocket with platforms for both Apple and Android. The programming and challenges are digitally delivered and designed to be completed in just seven minutes. The app also allows you to track results.

“Health and wellness are priorities for La Quinta,” said Mayor Linda Evans. “Being selected as the first location in the Coachella Valley for a Fitness Court® enhances our efforts to continue to promote well-being to our residents and visitors.” The Fitness Court was funded partially through a grant received from NFC and partially through the city’s parks equipment replacement fund. La Quinta’s Facilities department will maintain the recreation site.

Founded in 1979, NFC is a social enterprise which partners with local communities and nationwide sponsors to build funding and promote healthy infrastructure. Their goal is to provide free fitness spaces in hopes of breaking down barriers to fit lifestyles and to change health outcomes. Partnerships with more than 100 corporate sponsors have helped raise over $100 million in the United States, Canada and Australia.

“We are delighted to bring our national campaign to the City of La Quinta,” said NFC Founder Mitch Menaged. “We welcome this active community to our nationwide digital gym network and I invite everyone to download our free Fitness Court® mobile app.”

“This unique exercise platform offers free access to fitness for everyone,” adds Evans. “A healthy community is a prosperous community and we’re proud to partner with NFC to further activate our public spaces for all to enjoy.”

For more information visit The free Fitness Court® app is available at the AppStore and 
Google Play.

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