DAP Health has successfully completed their acquisition of Borrego Health, a federally qualified health center serving San Diego County, the Inland Empire and the Western Riverside, Eastern Coachella Valley and Mountain Pass regions. The move will bring DAP’s award-winning, holistic, patient-centric model of health care to more communities and thousands more individuals and families throughout Southern California.  

The two health care systems will now operate as one integrated entity with some 850 employees serving 100,000 patients of all ages, genders, ethnicities, orientations and socioeconomic status. The organization will have a total of 25 clinics located within 240 rural and urban zip codes from the Salton Sea to
San Diego.

Pre-acquisition, DAP Health’s programs and services included primary care, infectious diseases, gender-affirming care, LGBTQ+ care, mental health, dentistry, harm reduction, recovery services, affordable housing and social services. Family medicine, women’s health, pediatrics, veterans’ health, geriatrics, urgent care and pharmacy services will now be added.

But holistic care and health equity remain fundamental pillars that have always set DAP Health apart from other medical care organizations.

DAP has been serving the Coachella Valley for more than 40 years. Their time-tested model addresses all aspects of health (mind, body and spirit) along with all applicable social determinants of health including education, employment and income, transportation, addiction, violence, racism, housing, nutrition, language and literacy to name a few. Their goal is to remove barriers to care, increase their patients’ quality and length of life, and to create true health equity.

“It’s an honor to unite Borrego Health and DAP Health’s missions, as well as our region’s most exceptional, dedicated, and passionate health care professionals,” says DAP Health CEO David Brinkman. “Together, we will build a brighter future where every individual — regardless of who or where they are — has equal opportunity to live a healthy and fulfilling life.”

All Borrego Health employees were offered employment with the combined entity and 99% have accepted, thus, patients will continue to see their same providers with the option of appointments at any of the combined locations. For the time being, all locations for both organizations remain open and will retain their original name, branding and signage. 

The new management is made up of individuals from both organizations, and Brinkman will remain at the helm. DAP’s Judy Stith is stepping up to Chief Administrative Officer, Borrego Health’s Corina Velasquez is Chief Operating Officer and DAP’s David Morris, MD will remain as Chief Medical Officer.

By combining their magnitude of strengths, they say, DAP Health will achieve new levels of excellence in delivering comprehensive, accessible and culturally sensitive care to its expanded and diverse patient populations.

For more information, visit www.DAPHealth.org.

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