YMCA of the Desert (Y) is working to bring senior fitness to our community by hosting Vitality Forever’s Senior Classes three days per week in their space at The Shops at Palm Desert (formerly Westfield Mall). The classes are open to any person 55+ whose goal is to move and feel better.

The classes, which start in June, will be held Monday, Wednesday and Friday and will provide a variety of activities that incorporate equal doses of flexibility, balance, coordination, gate mechanics and strength training. 

“The vision of the Family YMCA of the Desert is to strengthen community through youth development, social responsibility and healthy living for all ages,” says CEO Paula Simonds. “We are excited to now offer this fun and effective fitness programming for seniors in our community.”

Each session will be unique, says nationally recognized exercise specialist Carly Belle of Vitality Forever who created and will lead the program. “Our tools and practices enable people to keep and develop autonomy through specialized movement and exercise as medicine,” she adds. “We believe that posture is the beginning and end of all movement, and it is of paramount importance, because when the body is in symmetry, every system in our body is healthy.” 

As part of the collaboration, offerings will include Parkinson’s specific classes and private training to help those affected. “Exercise and movement are the leading ways to delay this disease,” says Belle. “Experiential evidence has proven that the more movement is performed, the less severe the symptoms. We offer a fun environment to help clients take control of their symptoms and learn to live positively and constructively with their disease.”

Classes are open to anyone 55 and older. A donation of $10-$20 per class, or $160 per month for unlimited classes, is suggested but not required. Participants are asked to bring water and a towel and caregivers are requested to attend as needed.

“Vitality Forever empowers people to realize that we are all in charge of our bodies; our body is not in charge of us,” adds Belle. “Whether you are a seasoned exerciser or just beginning, we encourage all to join the Y’s healthy fitness community. Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got precisely what you need and are passionate, determined and supportive.”

Vitality Forever Senior Classes will be held at The Shops at Palm Desert | YMCA space located at 72-840 Hwy 111. For more information and to register, please email [email protected] or call (208) 720.2242. www.vitalityforever.org.

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