Lauren Del SortoWe’ve danced through yet another magnificent season. Why is it that the season seems to pass more quickly each year? They say that happens with age. I wonder if time will pass more slowly when our life expectancy reaches 150… I’d like to think so.

And if Dr. Bill Andrews is able to finish his lifelong research on defying age and enhancing longevity, living well into our hundreds may be a reality in our lifetime. Bill himself defies what is considered ‘standard’ for his age. The 60 year old ultra-marathoner has run more than 100 races of 50 miles or more with his longest ever being 135 through Death Valley. He just placed third out of several hundred in his last ultra-race and seventh in a 5k – better than he’s ever done in either distance.

Dr. Andrews attributes much of his stamina and endurance to the all-natural, telomerase activating supplements he has developed from his research. “My body recovers faster after competition and I have maintained a greater overall feeling of wellness.” But that is not his primary goal. Developing the pharmaceutical drug to cure many diseases, and reverse aging for his family, friends and the world, is at the nucleus of his work.

Others taking these nutriceuticals agree with Dr. Andrews’ results – faster recovery, increased stamina and a strengthened immune system. And of course, there are many who don’t agree with Andrews and the idea that we could ever reverse aging (it’s true that there have been many such claims in the last two thousand years). Still, a Harvard researcher has done it with mice, so why not?

I’m a believer. Maybe just another hopeful fan, but I think the research is fascinating. The fact that Andrews has teamed up with a group of Indian Wells doctors to further his work and to conduct human clinical trials is yet another great example of integrated health care at work in our Valley.

We admire those working to improve their own health and that of others. Look at Trent Hauswirth of Palm Desert whose “Desert’s Biggest Loser” title inspired him to become a personal trainer and to help others change their unhealthy habits for more promising futures.

And the organizations that have come together in the name of health. We congratulate Desert Classic Charities, Humana and the Clinton Foundation on the ‘Sports Event of the Year’ nomination for the Humana Challenge. Their contributions to our community, their donations to local charities, and their focus on health and wellness which has drawn international attention, will benefit our community for many years to come.

It’s a good time for each of us to adopt healthy habits. It’s never too late to start and we now have additional incentive. If Bill Andrews successfully finishes his life’s work, we will all want to be a healthy and vibrant 150 years young.

Cheers to your health,

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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