La Quinta High School Medical Health Academy (MHA) is showing great results in graduating seniors! Of our 2012 graduate class, 100% graduated, 98% have pursued college and the other 2% the military. Of that 100%, we had 44% of the students accepted into a four-year university. The remaining students are going to a Junior College and/or transferring to a four-year upon JC completion.

MHA is a California Partnership Academy (CPA) and grant funded program for students interested in the medical field. This Career Technical Program (CTE) is designed for any student wishing to pursue a medical career and college. It is a rigorous three-year program that emphasizes A-G requirements to prepare them for university level. The program combines technical skills, mentoring, shadowing, field trips, internships, real world application of skills and rigorous academics and is for college-bound students.

211 students are currently enrolled in the academy. The students have four academy classes with academy teachers, and two of their classes are non-MHA. Seniors have an internship, the Academy Capstone Class, for most of the school year totaling an average of 300 hours. The academy students have the opportunity to work with MHA’s medical partners in job shadows, internships, field trips, HOSA Club, and the American Red Cross Club.

The program’s core medical business partners have been supporting our program with mentoring, shadows and especially volunteer internships for several years. We are continuing to look for local medical business partners who want to help out and have a hand in the education of the next generation. Our internship enrollment is increasing 25% this coming school year. Our doctors, nurses, physical therapists, office staff and allied health partners have a huge impact on the interns’ future.

If you are interested in hosting an intern, please give us a call. Students are available year round. You will interview them and evaluate their progress. Interns work on a flexible afternoon schedule that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Our new MHA facility is under construction at LQHS. It will house two MHA technical classrooms, five medical bays, a dedicated sports medicine area, a scrub sink, and a certified lab area. In addition, LQHS is building science and additional CTE classrooms to replace the numerous portables currently in the back of the high school. The facility build-out is scheduled to be completed in July 2013.

Please join us in supporting the medical personnel of our future. We look forward to discussing how we may integrate our interns into your medical business and create a mutually beneficial relationship.

For additional information, please contact Kathy Pedersen LQHS Coordinator/Teacher [email protected] 760-772-4150 ext. 25705

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