When it comes to education, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is a pivotal aspect. STEM continues to grow at Cathedral City High School (CCHS) and has had a positive impact on the student body. 

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As a member of CCHS’s Health and Environmental Health Academy of Learning (HEAL), I was given the opportunity to create STEM resources for other students which has helped our school branch out in other fields. 

During my sophomore year, I  created a website that specializes in the importance of providing resources to students who deserve the opportunity to be exposed to STEM. Our school population is heavily Hispanic, and I feel it is important for them to be exposed to different STEM/medical fields. This website educates students on what STEM is, and highlights the opportunities the field offers minorities.

 There is a special tab where students can take action and get more exposure in STEM including an email template students can send their counselor, principal, etc. This resource eases the process and gives students the chance to speak their voice without feeling lost.

Another interesting feature of the site is the activities which expose students to different aspects of STEM. The tab has specialized projects through which students can learn the importance of coding, mathematics, etc. There is also a personality quiz in which students can comprehend basic coding principles and see where their strengths lie which they can use for their future. 

A research section on the site contains statistics of individuals within STEM fields and sheds light on the fact that minorities make up only one third of STEM professions and majors. It gives students a glimpse of what minorities struggle with when it comes STEM. However, with these barriers, the knowledge they gain gives them the ability to continue their STEM education. 

This website also allows students to find a plethora of pathways to explore STEM fields and explains how to expand their interests and knowledge. The website highlights the variety of STEM education programs offered at CCHS and how they advocate for minority students to have opportunities in the field. 

Cathedral City High School allows us students to get to the STEM of things! 

Priscila Marquez is a senior at Cathedral City High School. Her STEM website can be found here. For more information on OneFuture Coachella Valley, visit www.OneFutureCV.org.

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