My ‘In the Moment’ Wonder

Last month I said good-bye to my dear friend, Dakota. He was a cherished member of our family for 10 years and we shared a very special bond. He was a strong-willed boy and it took years to gain his trust and respect, but once we crossed that bridge, he let me know that I… Read more »

alleviating seasonal allergies

Alleviating Seasonal Allergies

“I never had allergies before moving here” is often echoed among Coachella Valley residents. And it begs the question, is it age or location? Turns out it may be a little of both. But the good news is that you don’t have to suffer every spring or fall. With a little patience, practice and discipline,… Read more »

Ms. Carol Channing

One of our Valley’s most beloved residents is Ms. Carol Channing. At 92, she is still the beaming ray of light we know from stage and screen – gracious and kind, full of positive energy and endearing spunk. If you ask Carol how she accounts for her long, healthy life, she will tell you that lead… Read more »

Dry Eye: A Common Problem in the Desert

Dry eye is one of the most common issues that I see in my practice. Patients often have symptoms like burning, itching, red eyes; sensitivity to light; and significant tearing. In fact, because their eyes are tearing, patients don’t believe they have dry eyes. The tearing occurs due to lack of good basic tears needed… Read more »

The General Surgeon

Oh What a Relief It Is…Or Maybe Not!

If only life could be as portrayed on television…Good conquers evil, the hero wins the girl, and indigestion is cured with a simple pill. In reality, life isn’t so simple…and neither is heartburn! The heartburn medication industry has exploded in the past decade. In 2007 and 2008, two of the top five prescription sales in… Read more »

the thoracic cavity with dr presser

Pleural Effusions

The #1 reason why people seek acute medical attention is because they can’t breathe. Most people will walk around in pain, but if you cannot breathe it’s pretty scary. Pleural effusion, an abnormal amount of fluid around the lung(s), is one of the conditions that affect a person’s ability to breathe easily. Causes. The pleura… Read more »

My Eyelids Are in the Way!

Our eyelids are vital structures in maintaining ocular health and comfort. They protect the globes from foreign bodies and serve as protective barriers. Eyelids are also responsible for production of the oily layer of the tear film which prevents premature evaporation of tears, thus helping to ensure a healthy tear film is bathing the eyes.… Read more »

Ocular Allergies

Spring is allergy season and in our desert the spring season starts earlier and runs later (due to the multitude of plants) than most American cities. This means daily and persistent high pollen counts, which can soar when the wind blows and agitate most allergy sufferers. Patients often show multiple allergy symptoms related to more… Read more »

ALLERGY SHOTS: Science and Success in Solving Chronic Symptoms

Many people have transitioned from reactively treating allergy symptoms to proactively fighting their allergies. While common allergy medications such as oral antihistamines and nasal corticosteroid sprays often control symptoms, when you stop taking the medication(s) your symptoms return shortly afterwards. An alternative approach is to desensitize your immune system to the antigens that are triggering… Read more »

Is Being Organized Healthy?

People often ask me how I can teach them to be organized. You can learn to be organized, but to a great extent, you have to want to make changes in how you think about your life in an organized manner. Organizational changes don’t happen overnight, but it is possible to create systems that work… Read more »

Healthy Muscle Mass Key to Long-Term Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most recommended lifestyle changes to improve health.  When losing weight, most people hope to simply shed fat; however, most will lose weight by decreasing both fat and muscle mass, which is not always good. The manner in which one loses weight is critical for long-term health, and research now… Read more »

The Science Behind Chiropractic

In this modern “hi tech” world, chiropractic is decidedly “low-tech” in nature. Based on manual manipulations and founded over 100 years ago, studies to support its effectiveness have been slow to surface. Fortunately, numerous scientific studies over the past 25 years have established chiropractic to be an evidence-based modality. These studies have found the practice… Read more »

We ARE Making a Difference

In our November/December 2012 issue, we wrote about Jayne Robertson and her commitment to contribute to a worthwhile cause. Her journey began over a year ago when she undertook the Global Seva Challenge, a fundraising effort as part of Off The Mat, Into The World (OTM), a yoga based non-profit in San Francisco. Each year,… Read more »

Breast Health Update: Density a Risk Factor

As of April 1, 2013, California law requires that all women receive a notification if their mammogram reveals dense breast tissue. While receiving this notification may lead to confusion at first, the information is provided to empower women. Dense breast tissue has been shown to be associated with a slight increase in breast cancer, and… Read more »

Living Wellness with Jennifer DiFrancesco

The Beauty of Orange Blossom

We are fortunate to live in a climate where spring’s arrival brings full bloom to our desert. With temperatures getting warmer, we smell the sweet and citrusy aroma of orange blossoms wafting in the air. When this aroma hits our olfactory system, it is sure to be pleasant. Orange blossom aroma also has proven health… Read more »