I love this time of year! Especially in our desert where the weather has cooled and life seems amplified. Social opportunities abound as we move outdoors to bask in our perfect weather. It’s time to celebrate the season – and the reasons we live here.

We celebrate much in this edition: ideas for happy, healthy holidays, appetizers to steal the show and lessons in gratitude throughout. We share tips for better sleep, testing your memory and analyzing your sugar plum dreams

We also share compassion as the joy we feel this time of year isn’t shared by all. Today I mourn the loss of an old friend, decorated for her accomplishments. Her pain was unimaginable and those of us who shared her friendship honor her by promising to keep in closer contact in the years to come. 

As the season brings us together again, let’s remember that true interest in the wellbeing of others is a blessing we can easily share. “How are you doing?” goes a long way when you truly mean it, and can make a significant difference.

A very special thank you to Jeralyn Brossfield, MD whose column, “The Paradigm in Medicine Today,” has been an integral part of Desert Health for the past eight years. We thank her for her inspiring contributions and will continue to follow her impressive work as a leading functional medicine doctor in our valley. 

Wishing you peace, love and happy holidays ~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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