One of my deepest intentions is finding a peaceful heart. The inspiration has, in part, stemmed from my dad, who passed away in 1982 but not before leaving an indelible imprint on the person I am today. He was a metallurgical engineer and researcher in aerospace back in the day when it was an emerging field of exploration in the late 50s and early 60s. When Dad would talk to me about outer space, I would sit in a stupor trying to comprehend the vastness of it all. Here we are, on this little dot of a planet in the Universe and what’s “out there” is mind-blowing. It was the new frontier, a place of apparent silence, radiant light, and endless opportunities to search into the unknown, where infinity has true meaning.

I then started to think about inner space…that dwelling within each of us that, like outer space, has unlimited potential for exploration. At one time, our body was thought of in limited terms but today, we are able to SEE strands of DNA. Sitting within this inner landscape beyond the physical is thought to be the “Hridaya,” the cave of the heart – that untouchable, unchanging, and steadfast center of who we are. As spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle said, “At the deepest level of Being, we are one with all that is.”

One of my wishes for the world is peace, yep, that hippie-sounding affirmation of wanting peace throughout the world. I doubt we’ll see peace in the world in my lifetime as we’ve been at war for a couple of thousand years, but that simply deepens the desire to be part of the peacemaking footprint. If I wish peace for others, I know that I must first have peace within my own being; hence, the need to explore my own inner space. Meditation, slowing down and living with intention, contemplation, and yoga are the doorways into inner space. Over the years, I have become better at finding the “Hridaya,” the center of who I am. At times, we can become lost and the consistency of our practice is what reminds us of that connection and helps us to find that place within.

As so often is said, we begin with the breath. We breathe into our own inner space, bringing in what we need and, upon exhale, we release that breath into the outer space. Our earthly outer space or atmosphere is one which all beings have been sharing since the beginning of time. I know that if I can offer through my breath my own infusion of intention, or a sense of peacefulness, then each out-breath is an opportunity to offer peacefulness to the whole. Just as a prayer is sent out each time the wind passes through Tibetan prayer flags, we can do the same with our own breath.

So my 2019 wish is this: May all of us touch a natural sense of peacefulness, within and without. May all of us spend time exploring our own inner being and, in doing so, recognize how it is intertwined with everything else. And, finally, may all of us be inspired by those who have gone before us, exploring both inner and outer space.

Jayne Robertson is owner and instructor at Desert Yoga Therapy in Rancho Mirage. For more information, visit or call (760) 456.5160. [email protected].

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