Hikers enjoy the La Quinta Cove

In 1921, prominent San Francisco businessman, Walter H. Morgan, came to the Desert on the advice of his doctor to heal his recently diagnosed tuberculosis. He purchased 1,400 acres from the local Cahuilla people in an area called “Happy Hollow.” His goal was to create a private sanctuary where guests could escape for rest and relaxation. In 1926, the majestic La Quinta Resort was born. The Resort quickly became a retreat for Hollywood’s elite and recognized worldwide for its luxury and restorative Desert setting. When the City of La Quinta incorporated in 1982, it was named after the resort.

So it is apt to say that the City of La Quinta grew from a doctor’s advice. The focus on healthy living was established early on and has remained a top priority. La Quinta offers 142 acres of natural areas with hiking trails, several miles of biking paths and equestrian trails, 25 golf courses, 11 parks, and a weekly farmer’s market in Old Town. In January, the City announced a partnership with the Desert Recreation District (DRD) to remodel the La Quinta Community Center into a new fitness center scheduled to open in Summer 2011.

The center will feature state-of-the-art cardio and fitness equipment, a juice bar, and affordable access for all residents ($50 for an annual facility use pass that also allows access to DRD fitness centers in Indio and Palm Desert).

Family at play in one of La Quinta’s 11 parks

Last year, La Quinta adopted a statewide campaign created to promote healthier communities called “HEAL”, Healthy Eating Active Living. This initiative is used as a guide for government policies and has resulted in park improvements, increased physical activity offerings and healthier food and drink choices at concession stands. As a result of its efforts, La Quinta was recently awarded the “Healthy Living Advocate Award” by the Coachella Valley Health Collaborative.

Health care is also a priority for La Quinta. All three Valley hospitals are expanding in the city and many health practitioners call La Quinta home. Eisenhower’s new George and Julia Argyros Health Center offers state-of-the-art urgent care facilities and their new Primary Care 365 Program. JFK Memorial Hospital recently opened the JFK Orthopedic Clinic and in February, Desert Regional Medical Center opened a satellite Comprehensive Cancer Center in the La Quinta Medical Center off Washington.

Mayor Don Adolph states, “We’re proud to be a health-conscious city offering a variety of amenities that inspire our residents to stay active and healthy.”

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  • 'Deuce' Ashley-Anne Hobbins

    This is a great article and we will be part of this to help at American Red Cross Club La Quinta. One of the overriding issues today is obesity with our young people and others, but the way kids sit around and play the stupid (but fun) video games all day…while the desert outdoors beacon! We have a job at ARC to promote awareness and training to aid those afflicted by maladies caused by obesity. ~Ashley-Anne ‘Deuce” Hobbins, President, ARC Club La Quinta HS


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