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March/April 2011

Thank you! I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you…our readers! Your support of Desert Health News has made our publication an instant success. Many of you have expressed your appreciation for information found in articles and others for introductions to featured practitioners. We are proud to have created a reliable medium that… Read more »

US Medical Schools Embrace Integrative Medicine

The philosophy behind medical education has seen little change since reform in the early 1900s. However, over the past two decades top medical schools have come to embrace many mind-body-spirit practices as evidence-based medicine. At the turn of the twentieth century, medical education in the US lacked standardization, so the American Medical Association formed the… Read more »

Health is a Choice: Dr. Oz, Dr. Roizen

“You are what you eat.” You’ve heard it a thousand times, but have you ever really looked beyond those words? We know if we eat too much junk food, eventually it will appear on our belly and hips. Do you know what happens under your skin and what food is actually doing to your DNA?… Read more »

Parkinson’s Symposium Delivers Breakthrough Information to Practitioners, Patients & Caregivers

Doctors and dentists from across the United States presented revolutionary findings at the Parkinson’s Resource Organization’s Symposium held January 14-16, 2011 in Indian Wells. Several hundred attendees including physicians, dentists, patients, caregivers, chiropractors, psychologists and others learned of new findings and successful clinic trials for minimizing motor disorder symptoms with a non-invasive, non-surgical series of… Read more »

Computer Vision Syndrome

Over 80% of Americans use computers and 100 million spend more than 3 hours daily in front of a computer monitor. As such, it is no surprise that eyestrain is the #1 complaint lodged with the US Health Office over the past 3 years. Computer use has grown 30% every year since 2000. We are… Read more »

Practitioner Profile: Albert Lai, M.D.

Profession: Physiatrist, Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physiatrist defined: Medical specialty concerned with diagnosing, evaluating, and treating patients with physical disabilities. The primary goal of the physiatrist is to achieve maximum restoration of physical, psychological, social and vocational function through comprehensive rehabilitation. Appointments:  Managing Practice Partner, Desert Pain and Rehabilitation Associates Chief Resident,… Read more »

Evolving Treatment Strategy for Chronic Inflammation of the Extremities

Overuse and injury to muscles, ligaments, bursas and tendons occurs frequently in individuals of all ages and professions. Symptoms may disappear over several days or weeks, usually with rest, ice, Tylenol or Advil. However many of these common problems persist, significantly compromising activities and quality of life. Over time chronic inflammation can cause permanent changes… Read more »

Dizziness Can Lead to Falls: A Serious Danger

Dizziness is a common occurrence. More than 40% of adults report dizziness, vertigo, or balance problems to their physician. Terms such as unsteady, lightheaded, and vertigo, are often used by patients to describe their dizziness. But what do these terms mean? Vertigo is the perception of movement, and often is described as spinning. Patients may… Read more »


From International Acclaim to Local 4H

Jimmy Schmidt Brings it Home at Morgan’s Chef Jimmy Schmidt is world-renowned as a culinary innovator and former owner of the famed Rattlesnake Club restaurants in Denver and Detroit. Throughout his successful 30-year career, he has received numerous awards and accolades, and is the only chef honored with the distinguished James Beard Award three times.… Read more »

Lawn Bowling: A Sport for the Ages

They wear white in honor of 700 years of tradition and come together up to three times a week. 50 players–all over age 50–some of whom have Parkinson’s, early stage Alzheimer’s, cancer, hip and knee replacements, arthritis, and all the ailments typical of aging. They gather to play an engaging game of “lawn bowls.” Some… Read more »

Grounding Your Golf Swing

Your weight is placed lightly on the balls of your feet, balanced between your front and rear foot. There is a slight shift to the back foot, then another shift back to the front. Sound like dance steps? These intricate movements actually describe what goes on below the knees during an ordinary golf swing. Feeling… Read more »

La Quinta: Born of A Doctor’s Advice

In 1921, prominent San Francisco businessman, Walter H. Morgan, came to the Desert on the advice of his doctor to heal his recently diagnosed tuberculosis. He purchased 1,400 acres from the local Cahuilla people in an area called “Happy Hollow.” His goal was to create a private sanctuary where guests could escape for rest and… Read more »

DRMC Comprehensive Cancer Center Opens in La Quinta

Desert Regional Medical Center (DRMC) has opened a satellite location in La Quinta for its Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC). The new facility brings CCC’s highly regarded practice of quality conventional care and complementary modalities to residents of the East Valley. “We are pleased to bring our unique brand of hi-tech and hi-touch to our families… Read more »

Resolving Joint Pain Without Surgery

The latest in pain management medicine focuses on promoting the body’s natural healing process before turning to surgical repair or pain medications. The treatment is called Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is a procedure that promotes the proliferation (growth) of new tissue in areas of damage. By stimulating the body’s inflammatory response around the injury, the body’s natural… Read more »

Nutritional Health Care: Q&A

I was on my way to the local farmer’s market this morning thinking about writing this column. In honor of National Nutrition Month, I decided to address an often-asked question regarding nutrition derived from today’s food… Q: “Do I really need to take vitamins or supplements?” A: In 1936, during the 74th U.S. Congress, a… Read more »