As I write this, the final bands at Coachella weekend 2 are playing in the background, and I am reminded that when this issue arrives, all the festivals will have moved out and another season will have come to an end. It’s time to “come home” to our inner sanctums, catch up on that much needed rest, and prepare for the warm days ahead.

This year, I am especially excited to do just that as my husband and I built a new home in west Indio and made sure to include all of our favorite things. He put in a kegerator. I built a small beach so I could sit in a low lawn chair, sink my toes in the sand, close my eyes, and escape to any beach in the world. I even put dwarf pampas behind it to resemble the dunes of my beloved Carolina shores. My mom actually calls it a sand box, but to me, it’s paradise.

We also built a vegetable garden. Each morning, I walk out with my butter coffee and admire the subtle changes and growth. This is my first garden and I absolutely love it! Tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, onions, basil, cilantro…Growing your own ingredients makes cooking that much more fun – and flavorful. Everyone should grow one, and anyone can no matter how small the space.

What’s in your inner sanctum? If you don’t have one, find inspiration and build it.

You’ll find plenty of inspiration in this issue and at the Wellness Awards on May 18. This year’s nominees are very inspiring. We thank them – and each of you – for working to make the Coachella Valley a healthier place.

It starts at home, so build your sanctuary and thrive!

Lauren Del Sarto
Lauren Del Sarto, Publisher

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