There are multitudes of ways to exercise nowadays. New innovations appear in our local fitness facilities to keep us entertained while keeping us healthy, yet we often revert back to the time-honored ways of exercising and workouts of the past become current trends once again. 

The child-like joy of trampolines accompanies the activity’s many health benefits.

The trampoline, otherwise known as the rebounder, is an example of a reemerging exercise activity. The trampoline has been around since 1934 when it was developed. This buoyant device was first used to train astronauts to understand gravity, and the balance of pressure known as g-force. 

In the 70s and 80s trampoline exercise was synonymous with the “Let’s Get Physical” era. The mini trampoline has rebounded back into the spotlight with many notable advantages. Aside from the obvious benefits of being easy on the joints and good for balance, there is a particular change that occurs at the moment of landing, thanks to gravity. There is a surge of lymphatic drainage and greater white blood cell activity as lymphatic valves are opened. During a change in gravitational pull, this boosts the immune system. 

If you are inclined to pick up this exhilarating activity once again – or see the benefits of trying it at this stage in life – start on the trampoline slowly, imagining the crushing of grapes under the feet with small jumps. Many trampolines come with a bar to hold for stability. As more proficiency and self-assuredness develops, movements resembling skiing, moguls, jogging, and high knee jumps provide burst training. This results in the ability to burn more calories than walking or jogging. 

We fell in love with trampolines as children without understanding the physical benefits. In adulthood, as we catch “air-time” with each jump, our body releases endorphins thereby calming us. Ignite your child-like state by turning on some favorite music, and just bounce to get out of the business in your head and connect with the buoyancy in the heart. It is possible to jump into health through a little hopping and happiness.

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