Many professionals become experts in their field and long to share their passion, message or innovation with the world. One of the best ways to do this, of course, is via television, radio, print and online platforms which can reach millions. But this aspiration can be challenging – especially for those in the medical field who are standardly not taught the tricks of the media trade. Therefore, coaching from an experienced individual can help lead the way. 

Roland Perez

In his book, 7 Ways to Become a Famous Doctor, Roland Perez of Windsor Media in Palm Desert offers doctors a compass to navigate these various mediums. He explains what is required, how to prepare and how to ultimately achieve success and notoriety.

Perez presents his media training as if in conversation, like your favorite college professor teaching a subject you are eager to learn. He purposely repeats important information, highlights helpful tips and even provides a glossary of essential media terminology. 

Perez’s style has the same flare as the television industry in which he excelled for over 30 years. As the executive producer of his award-winning program, “American Health Journal,” airing on ABC, NBC and PBS, he has conducted more than 7,000 interviews with doctors and has personally witnessed numerous journeys in achieving media popularity; 7 Ways to Become a Famous Doctor serves as a culmination of their successes and failures.

Emphasis is placed on the importance of creating, perfecting and practicing your pitch, the studied information you will relay in every interview. The author educates readers on the different types of pitches and how to expertly deliver each. He advises on what to wear (a size-larger lab coat will hang better around your neck), how to project and how to interact with the crew. 

Be aware of your background and surroundings, he advises, adding that it’s okay to have an associate peek through the camera at your television frame (remember Pence’s fly?). Other great advice: ensure images and B-roll appearing with you are reviewed and pre-approved. Perez discusses how writing a book can bolster your career and the importance of building a team of media professionals with experience in your field. 

We strongly recommend this easy-to-read and enjoyable book for medical practitioners – or experts in any field – seeking exposure on a larger stage. It conveys unique and extremely useful advice that otherwise may not be considered, offers countless examples on how to adapt to obstacles, and provides necessary tools for achieving success in broadcasting your passion and message in the media spotlight. 

7 Ways to Become a Famous Doctor is available at Amazon. Author Roland Perez can be reached at [email protected]. Del Sarto and Feller are with Desert Health and can be reached at [email protected]

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