Have you ever been hiking and noticed the vibrancy of the colors around you? Or walked out in the morning to listen to birds singing and noticed how blue the sky? Maybe the memories of those moments are still clear in your mind and the thoughts warm your heart. Those are the times you are truly in the moment.

“Real vibrancy suddenly appears,” says Deepak Chopra, MD. “This is what the present moment – and every moment – feels like if you just take the time to be here now.” 

We could all use more moments like these right now. With so much uncertainty surrounding us, they may feel out of reach, but they are right here waiting for us to pause and embrace them.

“Being present has become a challenge we all face,” adds Chopra. “When fully present in the moment, you aren’t stuck in the past or anticipating the future; you feel centered, secure, calm, peaceful and unconcerned, yet aware. We find completeness here because that is the only place it can ever be found.” 

What are you doing to connect with the present moment? During these trying times, I’ve been meditating, practicing gratitude, spending more time in nature and making time for hobbies – all things that help keep me grounded, centered and feeling alive. 

It is my hope that each of you is finding peace. Practicing gratitude can certainly help. Please know that you are in my daily thanks. My appreciation for your support of Desert Health has never been greater. We are blessed to be presenting this issue and it’s only because of your continued readership. Thank you.

We are also sincerely grateful to our marketing partners who make Desert Health possible, and we are proud to honor them on our back page.

Be here now, as often as you can. Stop. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and open them. See vibrance, feel alive, and be well, now and always.

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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  • laura decludt

    Lauren, thank you for the wonderful reminder to staying present and finding gratitude while appreciating the beauty and vibrancy we have in our surroundings….even during these uncertain times. Seeking and finding and tasting natures pleasures has heightened the joys of living in this desert . The hummingbirds, bunnies, birds singing and abundant citrus are just a few of the many special daily pleasures we enjoy.

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Beautifully said, Laura. So glad you are taking the time to notice and embrace them. Worth every minute that we do.

      Be well, My Friend ~



    Cute picture of you and your pony. I am binging cartoons with my 2 1/2 yr old while holding his toes and kicking back on the sofa after reading the words you’ve shared. I am glad you are on the planet , you are making it better for us. Reading and resting is something that I am thankful for, it just rocks double with Hunter. He is potty training today too, and THAT’S BIG. Thank you for your example and happy 4th Lauren. Oh… and namaste to Depak Chopra and you too. I’m looking forward to getting a black labrador puppy tomorrow . I’ve waited for 3 years after our last boxer passed to be sure I was ready to do it again and now since Chris and I have retired we have the time and courage to try it one more time. YES WE ARE ABUNDANTLY BLESSED.

    • Lauren Del Sarto


      Congratulations to you both on your well-deserved retirement!! And thank you for your meaningful and extremely kind words. So happy you are enjoying the grandchildren – and a new puppy!! The greatest joys on earth!

      Be well and please keep in touch.

      With sincere appreciation, My Friend ~



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