If healthy food is a priority, you’ll agree that one of the hardest things may be eating on the run. Sure you can pack fruits and nuts to munch along the way, but sometimes you want a hearty lunch you can grab-and-go that will satisfy your taste buds, re-energize, but not add to your waistline.

Here are a few of our favorite spots along the way throughout the Coachella Valley.

Clark’s Nutrition, Rancho Mirage (Monterey & Dinah Shore) 

New at Clark’s is a tasty alternative…Prepared vegan meals by Leaf Organics. The to-go containers include easy to eat meals like the Harvest Sandwich, yam patties with a coconut curry sauce between slices of mango herb bread with tomatoes, romaine, onions and sprouts served with a side of carrot salad; the Bedouin Burrito, sprouted chick pea hummus with tahini sauce, tomatoes, spring mix and sprouts; Pad Thai made with kelp noodles mixed with thinly sliced squash and red peppers in a lightly spiced nut sauce; or the Rawsagna, layers of squash noodles, spinach, marinara sauce, raw-cotta cheeze and sprinkled rawmesan served with a side salad and house dressing. Grab a bag of kale chips and one of Clark’s many healthy beverages and you’ve got the perfect (healthy!) deli meal. (Leaf Organic meals range from $6 – $10).

Scott blends up a healthy vegetable drink at Luscious Lorraine’s

Luscious, Lorraine’s Organic Juice & Eatery at Harvest Health Food, Palm Desert (Hwy 111 between Portola & San Luis Rey) 

Lorraine was the first in the Valley to offer an organic deli and her spot is popular and busy. They do have some prepared foods and salads, but for one of their yummy sandwiches or veggie shakes to go, we recommend calling in your order 15-20 minutes ahead. Their Asian tofu wrap, raw maca smoothie, or green drink with kale, celery, cucumber, green apple, lemon and ginger are all made to order and will be ready upon arrival. (760) 862.1911

Nature’s Health Food and Café, Palm Springs (Sunrise Way at Ramon) 

This café offers over 100 all-American and international favorites made completely with vegetarian and vegan ingredients. Enjoy blackened fish tacos, beef stir fry, and gluten-free flatbreads with organic toppings such as pepperoni (soy) and Mediterranean-style. They also have a juice and espresso bar. Nature’s Cafe is another popular destination, but their menu is online (natureshealthfoodcafe.com) and they welcome call-ins. 15-20 minutes is recommended (760) 323.9487.

Jensen’s Fine Foods, Palm Desert and Palm Springs (E. Palm Canyon in Palm Springs & Hwy 111 at San Pablo)

Jensen’s offers a variety of unique sushi meals made daily by their in-house sushi chef (made in Palm Springs and brought daily to Palm Desert). One of my favorites is the Desert Dragon Roll. Sashami and seaweed salad are healthy accompaniments. Sushi boxes made daily are also available at Sprouts in La Quinta. (Sushi boxes range from $5.99 – $8.99)

FRESH Juice Bars (La Quinta, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs)

For the coldest and healthiest smoothies in town, stop by Fresh Juice Bar. They offer fruit, veggie and protein juice blends, boost additives, bowls and more. You’ll FEEL the goodness!

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