Ever wonder if that achy knee is something to worry about? Or how your numbers add up for heart health? Now you can get free advice without a trip to the doctors through science-backed questionnaires available on the JFK Memorial Hospital website.

When I first heard about these new self-service health profilers, I thought they might simply be a ‘call to come see us.’ But after completing both the joint and heart assessments, I was impressed to receive two reports (6-8 pages) including a personalized summary of the results. Neither told me I needed to go see a doctor, and the option for a referral is merely a small link in the right hand corner. You can also opt in or out for additional emails from JFK.

Each profiler walks you through a series of questions related to lifestyle, family history and current health and takes less than five minutes to complete. Your personalized report includes how you are doing, how your lifestyle factors and personal history affect your risks, tips to reduce risks, and actionable next steps to make more informed health decisions.

These free and interactive profilers cover general heart health, stroke risk, peripheral artery disease (PAD), and knee and hip joint functioning. The joint assessments are based on the Oxford Hip & Knee Scores which are proven to be reliable, valid and sensitive to clinically important changes. The heart health assessment uses scoring systems developed from the Framingham Heart Study, an on-going study that began in 1948 and is considered to be one of the most important public health studies in American medical history.

The profiles are a good resource for those newly curious about symptoms, before you go to the doctor (there are recommended questions to ask your doctor), or maybe as a second opinion for personal satisfaction. Of course, the programs do not claim to be a substitute for medical service or a means of diagnosing a condition. They are simply another tool to help you be your own advocate on your journey of health and wellness.

All health profilers are free and found on the JFK Memorial Hospital website. Visit jfkmemorialhosp.com then the related service (i.e. orthopedics hip care) or for more information, call (866) 894.3627.

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