Would you like butter with your coffee?

It may be a little hard to swallow, but this latest trend is receiving praise from not only butter lovers, but the integrative health and fitness communities as well. The concept is simple. Most of us should start our day with a heavy dose of fats versus carb-heavy cereal, toast and bagels known as The… Read more »

2017 Desert Health® Wellness Awards

Honoring those in our community moving health and wellness forward. The 2017 Wellness Awards took place May 18th at Desert Willow Golf Resort. Congratulations to our 2017 nominees and winners! View Official Event Program Here 2017 Nominees INDIVIDUAL 2017 WINNER: Jason Tate Founder Human Health Initiative, Educator Seven years ago, this Indio High teacher wrote a… Read more »

Good Health Starts at Home

As I write this, the final bands at Coachella weekend 2 are playing in the background, and I am reminded that when this issue arrives, all the festivals will have moved out and another season will have come to an end. It’s time to “come home” to our inner sanctums, catch up on that much… Read more »

Your Immune System Can Help Treat Cancer

When it comes to cancer treatment, most people are familiar with the treatment options of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. But today, there is a fourth leg of cancer care which involves a new class of drugs that stimulate a patient’s own immune system to fight the cancer. Known as immuno-oncology or immunotherapy, these drugs contain… Read more »

Hearing Loss and Disease Risk Factors

Being able to communicate with ease has been determined to be a critical topic and aspect of healthy aging. Since 2014, a greater emphasis has been placed on hearing health and associated disease risk factors including the following life threatening co-morbidities: Dementia. Dr. Frank R. Lin, M.D., Ph.D., otolaryngologist and investigative researcher at Johns Hopkins… Read more »

A Snapshot of Health in Our Community

In January, Health Assessment and Research for Communities (HARC) released its latest data on the health of the Coachella Valley. HARC has been tracking community health for the past ten years. This latest data marked their fourth survey and revealed an interesting picture of health in our region. Mental/Behavioral Health Local concern and attention on… Read more »

Overuse Knee Injuries

As an orthopedic surgeon, I recognize that the knees often take a beating. Golf, tennis, exercise such as running, and even squats can cause problems. One of the more common conditions I see is overuse injuries. Weekend warriors and professional athletes alike should know about overuse injuries and how to prevent them. An overuse injury… Read more »

Simple Steps to Desensitize Sensitive Teeth

Many people experience sensitive teeth every time they eat or drink something hot or cold. When they feel sensitivity, most fear it may be the result of a problem, like a cavity or a cracked tooth, but often times it can be natural and more innocuous. It helps to know how tooth sensitivity occurs. The… Read more »

Has Multitasking Become a Bad Word?

Do you recall early television shows called The Bionic Woman and The Six Million Dollar Man? The characters transformed into super-powered heroes who were able to perform feats of intuition, strength, and stamina not possible for mortal man or woman. The television audience was transfixed into flights of super-hero fantasy. Today we have computers, cell… Read more »

Shay’s Story

Shay Moraga was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the beginning of 2016 and shares her journey with Desert Health® readers in an ongoing column… 2016 was a hard year. We lost some really great actors and artists. Just when the world started to get over Prince being gone, the end of the year… Read more »

Enlarged Prostate: A Wife’s Perspective on Early Treatment

Oftentimes, my male patients need encouragement and support from a spouse to seek medical treatment for urological issues; spouses are sometimes key to preventing a mild condition from becoming more serious. I spoke with the wife of one of my patients about her husband’s experience with enlarged prostate and his early decision to seek treatment.… Read more »

Prepared for the Future

Palm Desert High School has four career pathways now, one of which is the Health Academy. The academy has been at Palm Desert High since 2010 and is coordinated by teacher Mr. Ron Paiz. The Health Academy has given many students an advantage over others considering health careers by teaching medical terminology, basic medical skills,… Read more »

The Beauty and Benefits of Water Therapy

Aquatic physical therapy can be the solution for you if you have difficulty walking and standing, or are afraid of falls. Reducing the weight on your joints and increasing your activity level through aquatic therapy could be a great opportunity to improve strength and balance without worrying about pain or falling. Research has shown that… Read more »

Protect Yourself from EMFs

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are areas of energy that surround electronic devices. Your body has electrical and magnetic fields so it can conduct nerve and muscle impulses. Because of this conductive potential, EMFs generated by electronics are attracted to the human body and affect people by increasing voltage beyond the optimal range. These invisible currents provide… Read more »

Toxic-Free Extermination

As a recent desert transplant, I have been surprised about the routine and conventional approaches to pest management in our area. Many of us are subject to monthly exterior spraying in our communities and have monthly contracts with exterminators, regardless of whether extermination is actually needed. Conventional pesticides and insecticides contain toxic ingredients that can… Read more »

Living Wellness with Jennifer

Freedom Requires Discipline

Each season, I place framed quotes in my workplace employee breakroom that are motivating or thought provoking in nature. Last November I was in a hurry to get everything in in order, so I didn’t spend significant time in choosing these new quotes which I framed and displayed on the walls. Ironically, one quote had… Read more »


A snowbird friend recently returned home from a shorter than usual season here in the desert. I asked her how their season was and she replied, “It felt short. It’s the transitions that kill me!” The statement really struck a chord as to how changing locations can hold so many challenges. As I thought about… Read more »

What Does Organic Really Mean?

A couple of years ago 28 students and staff at Coachella Valley High School were evaluated by emergency crews after reporting symptoms ranging from stomach aches and nausea to headaches and sore throats. The culprit was an organic herbicide used on nearby agricultural fields. We have been told over and over that organic is better… Read more »