Last month, wellness professionals and health fans gathered to learn more about the significant benefits of connecting to Earth’s energy through grounding at “Unearth Your Bliss.” Hosted by the Earthing company and sponsored by Desert Health®, the event featured Earthing founder Clint Ober, advocates Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams and energy therapist Melissa Yamaguchi. 

Hemminway is a wellness advocate and grounding fan.

Attendees were inspired, educated and even grounded with the help of Earthing patches available throughout the venue.

“Grounding is not only a passion of mine, I believe it is a prerequisite for finding good health in your life,” said Hemingway. “When you put your feet on the ground and start to become truly grounded on a regular basis, you start making better choices for yourself. It inspires you to want to eat better food and adapt positive practices and it connects you to your natural circadian rhythm for better sleep.”

Grounding is simply the practice of connecting with nature through bare feet or grounded contact that allows you to absorb the earth’s energy, or electrons, to help balance your bodily systems. Deepak Chopra calls the practice his “sixth pillar of wellbeing.”

At the event, Hemingway shared her life story and recalled barefoot summers as her happiest times. “I realized that in my childhood, grounding was my solace from the craziness that was my family.” 

Guests grounding during the conference via Earthing grounding patches.

Her life and wellness partner Bobby Williams, an extreme adventurist, talked about creating a life around wellness practices. “One of our rituals is to watch the sunrise. It’s amazing how that simple practice can set the tone for your day,” he says.

Yamaguchi shared fascinating history and discussed self-awareness. “Once you understand your own energy, you can learn how to control your reactions and your destiny,” she states. Her company is creating an app called MYLife MYEnergy which will allow you to measure your energy frequency. 

Ober is passionate about educating people on the benefits of grounding. His company, located in Thousand Palms, manufactures products such as sleep and meditation mats, pillow covers and blankets that ground on contact through the grounding plug in electrical outlets.  His Earthing Institute is dedicated to conducting research and clinical trials on the benefits of the practice.

For more information, visit or (Photos by Kylie Flood).

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