Moving forward and giving back

Moving forward and giving back

In one of our earlier issues, I wrote a piece on Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine, the Valley’s only free medical clinic. VIM is a national organization and our local chapter opened in 2010. I interviewed founding members Ron Hare, MD, and Roy Pitkin, MD, both retired physicians who after successful careers wanted to give back. I was struck by their passion for the cause–and desire to share that passion with other Valley doctors.

After reading the editorial, my mom Doris shifted from her respected volunteer role at Eisenhower to work with CVVIM in order to serve those most in need. She too caught the passion and finds volunteering in the front office most rewarding. As you may know, Doris works with Desert Health® as well–but only on the condition that she doesn’t miss her Fridays at CVVIM because she knows they need her. Mom speaks often of the need for more doctors and dentists noting the 400 person waiting list for dental care, and the clinic’s limited hours due to lack of volunteers. When I began sharing this information with the health care community, I realized that few even know about CVVIM.

After attending the Clinton Conference and gaining a clear understanding of the Clinton Health Matters Initiative and  the ‘call to action’ for community Pledges, I knew how Desert Health® could help.

And that is what it’s about…finding the way you can contribute to creating a healthier community. You come up with an idea, contact others who can help bring your idea to fruition, and set a goal. I cannot tell you how great it feels to be part of a larger plan aimed at increasing longevity and quality of life–for you, your family and the entire community.

They say that giving back is good for your health.  I’ve caught the passion from those who support CVVIM, and understand how that statement is true.

Find your passion and make a Pledge–for your own health and others.

Lauren Del Sarto
Lauren Del Sarto


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