Not often is a community blessed with a treasure like Sunnylands. The stunning center and gardens reopen on September 12 and are free to visit with no reservations required.

Whether you are simply looking for a quiet, contemplative place to walk or a serene ambiance in which to sit and meditate, you will find it here. Plan to spend hours taking in every element of the property which was designed to enhance the senses and “bring you into the now.”

With nine flourishing acres of beautifully manicured desertscape, twin reflecting pools and a labyrinth that winds through trailing smokebush, there is no better place to spend mindful time.

Every view was designed to be picturesque. Walter and Leonore Annenberg’s legacy was inspired by their personal collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings. Beautiful sculptures adorn the gardens which contain 70 species of native and adapted plants from North and South America, Africa, and the Mediterranean.

You won’t be the only one seeking tranquility. Sunnylands encourages mindfulness with  complimentary yoga on Fridays and Tai Chi on Saturdays. There are guided tours of the garden on Thursdays and bird-watching walks on Fridays. Sundays are family-friendly with informal games, books, toys and other unplugged activities for children of all ages.

The Sunnylands Center,  a mid-century marvel reflecting the beauty of the main house, was also designed as a “relaxing public space with the atmosphere of a grand living room.”  Be sure to save time to tour the architecture and take in the rich history graciously displayed as wall art and exhibits.

For an ultimate day of mindfulness and meditation, head to Sunnylands.

For hours and additional information, visit or call (760) 202.2222.

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