Most often, when we talk about health and wellness, we mention eating right, sleeping habits and exercise. We give thoughtful consideration to our fitness patterns and feed our living and breathing selves with the right things to care for our body’s organs and muscles. However, we don’t always think of our bones as living tissues that require the same level of nurturing.

Our bones provide structure to protect organs, anchor muscles, house joints, and create balance to support a whole-body wellness solution. As the human body grows and changes, the physical condition of our musculoskeletal structure also changes. Normal wear and tear, high performance athletic impact, and aging can affect the rate of tissue degeneration (osteoporosis) and loss of bone density (osteopenia) resulting in aches and pains, decreased strength, poor posture, balance, and sometimes breaks.

There is actually a way to strengthen your bones through simple and painless compression exercises. The good news? Bone density can increase with one single 15-minute session per week.

Scientific research has now created safe and proven technology to reverse the aging of your structure by strengthening the entire musculoskeletal structure. The system enables the placement of very brief but adequate pressure on the musculoskeletal system, signaling the body to add new bone and muscle tissue. These adaptive responses are perfectly natural allowing people of all ages to participate in the healing therapy without causing pain, muscle soreness or fatigue.

Clients begin by simply standing on a vibrating power plate to warm up the muscles and increase circulation. Three or four movements help increase leg, chest and core strength and stimulate natural reflexes. They then move to the bioDensity machine and complete four different osteogenic loading activities to deliver the precise stimulus needed to increase bone mineral density. Each isometric movement only takes a few seconds to complete; the entire session takes only 10 to 15 minutes with no sweating and no need to change into gym clothes.

Using this proven technique, studies show that a person’s bone density can improve up to 14% over a 12-month period. 1

“Our rejuvenation process is similar to that of a skilled architect,” says Arnel Sator, physical therapy and kinesiology expert, renowned athlete and founder of Restore Health in Indian Wells. “Without creating a strong foundation, everything else placed on or within a structure will fall apart.” He and his team work on building bone health from the inside out by focusing on naturally enhancing the basis of the musculoskeletal system – with no pharmaceuticals. “We have found this system can reverse osteoporosis and osteopenia, decrease joint and back pain, improve posture and balance and enhance athletic performance.”

It is important to note that bone strength and bone health are lifelong concerns that begin at an early age with awareness and knowledge that our bones require different nourishment as we age. Along with proper nutrition, adequate sleep and exercise, managing positive bone health is crucial to keeping your body moving forward.

Healthy bones matter! Understanding how your skeletal structure functions is of vital importance in preventing injury and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Bettyann Sator is co-owner of Restore Health in Indian Wells and can be reached at (760) 408.2720. For more information visit

Reference: 1) Hunte B, Jaquish J, Huck C (2015) Axial Bone Osteogenic Loading-Type Resistance Therapy Showing BMD and Functional Bone Performance Musculoskeletal Adaptation Over 24 Weeks with Postmenopausal Female Subjects. J Osteopor Phys Act 3:146. doi:10.4172/2329-9509.1000146

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