The use of magnetic fields as a healing modality has long been practiced in alternative medicine and is now gaining popularity in integrative practices. Pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy (or PEMF) uses magnetic fields to energize the body and boost circulation and oxygenation while delivering energy to cells helping them to function optimally. It has been used effectively to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as to aid healing, recovery, performance enhancement, and detoxification.

PEMF is offered as either high intensity or low intensity. Low intensity PEMF requires longer treatment (30-90 minutes), whereas high intensity PEMF penetrates deeper into the body, making it more effective in a shorter amount of time. Also, 3-12 minutes of high intensity PEMF therapy has been shown to have longer lasting results.

PEMF technology is available to treat one targeted area or the entire body as with the recently developed HU+GO unit. It sandwiches the body from shoulders to feet, creating the electric field necessary to effectively enhance the transportation of nutrients and waste products across the cell membrane, helping cells to detoxify and absorb nutrients more effectively.

Full-body PEMF treats all areas of the body equally. While exercising the cells, nerves, muscles, and internal organs, fluid is moved around the body; with high intensity, one can actually feel the muscles contracting.

How to prepare for a PEMF therapy session

PEMF therapy is non-invasive and works through clothing. Only metal jewelry needs to be removed prior to treatment. Plenty of water should be consumed both prior to, and after, each session to help with detoxification. Supplementing with chlorella, a power-packed superfood, can help support the liver and kidneys during detoxification. Those who have medical devices or implants with a magnetic field, such as a pacemaker, should not use magnetic therapy because it could interfere with the function of the implant.


PEMF therapy can be used for a variety of health conditions and results will vary accordingly. When used for pain relief, the results are almost always immediate and will last anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. There is also continued improvement over time with additional sessions. Benefits such as enhanced energy, improved digestion and concentration are normally felt 1-2 hours after a session and are especially noticeable the next day. Vitality and improved quality of sleep are often reported as well.

PEMF therapy is an effective non-narcotic approach to health which complements conventional medicine, or it can be used as a preventative measure to improve overall quality of life.

Inventor Andre Hugo Smith is the founder of Signature Health Ltd., creators of the HUGO and HOCATT. For more information, contact Health Technologies Plus at (760) 202.4007.

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  • So when you say jewellery does that include body piercing as in belly button etc also what about jeans as often they have metal buttons?
    I have recently purchased a HUGO and live in NZ find it hard to get advice on most aspects so relying on internet would appreciate any feedback Thankyou.

    • Thank you for reading Desert Health, Nicola! It is recommended that ALL metal be removed.

      Lauren Del Sarto


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