Throughout my years as a professional coach, I have worked with men and women helping them to identify what is holding them back from their desired outcomes. Clients come to me seeking better health and better relationships with themselves and others. What I often discover is that many have not recognized and dealt with their own inner critic, which results in the return of undesired outcomes. 

I truly believe good intentions can go a long way; however, if you are not aware of your subconscious thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions (we can even say inactions as that is still a choice), there is a cause and effect. And the effect can be detrimental to your own well-being. 

Identifying that inner critic can help you gain clarity, confidence and self-esteem which in return can create a healthier relationship with your physical body and help to relieve both physical and mental/emotional health issues. Owning your inner critic will also enhance your relationships with others, by taking responsibility of your own thoughts, and allowing you to become vulnerable with the right people in your life. 

Health encompasses the mind, body and soul. It is a fine balance of being able to integrate lifestyle choices. You can’t have one without the others, because each part affects the other aspects of your life. 

Are you that nice person who is constantly getting walked over while your inner critic is telling you that you don’t deserve better or more? Do you feel you lack the courage to get what you want? Or do you live life to the other extreme? Are you that mean person whose inner critic projects outwardly? You try to do your best; however, you have trouble controlling your negative critic which you can’t seem to contain. You criticize everything and everyone around you, especially those who love you because you do not feel loveable. 

These thoughts and behavioral patterns can change through self-awareness.

Personal awareness is key to moving forward and making healthy choices for your higher good. Sometimes that means dealing with the thing or things you fear most and perhaps have avoided most of your life. If your inner critic is active and you give those thoughts the right of way, they can take over and lead the way and everything else will become priority apart from you. 

Many of us don’t even realize its presence. Catch yourself the next time you’re feeling anxious, distracted or numb. Remember, the inner critic is good at making you feel like you are in control. The truth is you are not. 

I invite you to make a personal check list:

  1. Identify that inner critic’s voice and write down your thoughts. 
  2. Find compassion and forgiveness within yourself and write about that. 
  3. Make a list of ways you can show more kindness to yourself. 
  4. Take action that represents your own point of view. 

Dipika Patel is a certified holistic health coach and lifestyle practitioner who empowers her professional clients to activate an overall balanced lifestyle of mind, body and soul. Her inaugural book, Own Your Inner Bitch So She Can’t Own You, will be released this month and available at Dipika can be reached at (760) 821.3119 or

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