Jennifer DiFrancesco

Jennifer DiFrancesco

Creating a Desert Wellness Staycation

Many of us take an exotic trip or adventure in the summer, only to return more exhausted than when we left, due to the stress and myriad of surprises that go along with out-of-town travel. Limited time and money, or merely the wish to simplify, might be reasons to stay local.

We are very fortunate – and may often forget – that we live in a resort town, and with these ideas in mind one can entertain the option of carving out a healthy summer “staycation” right here at home. Following are some ideas to consider:

Try something new and adventurous. When planning a local wellness escape, write down the following words: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Psychological Wellbeing, Therapy for Self. Grab a few local publications (you’ve found a good one with Desert Health®), and then open the local yellow pages. Decide what you would like to experience and ensure it exposes you to something that is a departure from the norm.

Now expand your list. For example, under Physical Activity you might list Pilates, yoga, cycling, hiking, tennis, golf, a cross fitness class, or time with a personal trainer. After noting all of the possible choices, find a few that seem intriguing and do the research of places that offer these options. Keep in mind that the goal is to expose yourself to new experiences.

Nutrition should be researched by noting a few vegan or health conscious restaurants, or taking a local cooking class. Psychological wellbeing can be that part of the trip that incorporates a book with a focus on mindfulness, a local meditation class, journaling or simply quiet time away from all distractions. Therapy for self on your staycation could include a spa day, massage, facial, or any other therapy that nurtures the largest organ of the body: your skin.

Commit to stepping away from technology. Allow this wellness staycation to be about personal exploration. It is difficult to do this when there is constant interruption from texts, phone calls and e-mails. TV and other connections to news and social media affect our wellbeing as well. This experience should be one that feels remote. Create an environment that sets the stage for reprieve.

Slip into a ‘vacation state of mind’. Ideally, do the research of the local resorts in the Coachella Valley as many are offering sensational summer rates. Step out of the box and look into a quaint boutique hotel tucked away in Palm Springs or a remote resort in Desert Hot Springs. No matter what resort location, the act of checking into a place and checking out of the normal routine is a profound step towards having an actual getaway.

Even in the heat of summer the desert has many wonderful healing experiences. We live in a tranquil place that exudes simplicity which can allow us to step away from the hustle and bustle of hectic living. Take this opportunity to learn about your valley – and yourself – and explore wellness offerings right in your own backyard.

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