Shannon Sinsheimer, MD

When family naturopathic doctor Shannon Sinsheimer started noticing the rise in autism rates and unexplained medical conditions in her own young patients, she decided to do something about it.

“When I started practicing medicine, autism rates were 1 in 123. Twelve years later they are 1 in 58,” says Sinsheimer, herself a mother of two young kids. “I saw the opportunity to research and identify not only what to do after a child is diagnosed, but what we can do before.”

She found that one in eight couples is infertile with many reproductive researchers pointing to toxic environments as a major cause. Asking ‘what if we start with the healthiest mom and dad we possibly can?’ Sinsheimer developed a detoxification program for budding parents and Dream Weaver Preconception Planning was born.

“Typically we think of pregnancy as the most important time, but by then, you have lost a prime opportunity to make the two individuals contributing DNA the healthiest people they can be while also helping mom have the easiest pregnancy she can have.” According to Sinsheimer, studies have shown that toxicities prior to pregnancy can alter sperm and ovarian health and the types of hormones the baby receives in the fragile first trimester.

Sinsheimer’s thought process is quintessential for naturopathic doctors who seek to identify the root cause of disease and prescribe lifestyle changes and natural supplementation to address imbalances. Her overwhelming success with client pregnancies, including those who previously had difficulties conceiving, explains why people from all over the country – and the world – seek her advice.

“I have a client who got pregnant 7 times including three rounds of IVF and unfortunately, the pregnancies never lasted more than six weeks. She completed our three-month program and is now 25 weeks pregnant.” One patient felt so good after going through the program, she decided to wait to have a baby so she could enjoy feeling healthier than she had ever felt before.

The three-month, three-session program starts 3-12 months before conception and includes detoxification, a nutritional profile and planning, and hormonal balancing for each parent. With each session, she discusses ways to reduce toxic load through lifestyle changes such as food storage containers, cleaning products, plasticizers, and drinking container options. “It’s not just about detoxing, but also about not ‘retoxing’ and creating the best environment for your baby once he or she arrives.”

Healthy, fertility-enhancing foods are a major part of the program and Sinsheimer has partnered with Luscious Lorraine’s Organic Juice and Eatery in Palm Desert to create a Healthy Baby Making Menu featuring tailored dishes like the Preconception Breakfast Bowl and Big Daddy Maker sandwich. “While food recommendations are provided, it’s nice to have a location that makes a tailored meal delicious and convenient.”

Clients can participate in the program by visiting Sinsheimer’s Palm Desert office or via teleconference offered to those within California. Cost of the program ranges from $1,500 – $1,800.

Dream Weaver Preconception Planning  is located at Optimal Health Center in Palm Desert and can be reached at (760) 568.2598. Learn more at

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