September ushers in many new beginnings – and one of them could be You. 

In Greater Palms Springs, September is time to Live Your Wellest. Time to pause and take care of mind, body and soul. Time to recharge from those hot summer months and reinvigorate for the busy season ahead. 

It’s easy to do with help from our valley’s many health and wellness professionals who welcome both locals and visitors alike with special offers available now through the end of the year.

The Live Your Wellest campaign was created by the Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) to invite global travelers to our region as the ultimate health and wellness destination. The goal is to fill hotel rooms and generate business in this traditionally slower time of year. The initiative is based on nine pillars of health: natural medicine, outdoor adventure, mindfulness and meditation, nutrition, beauty, fitness and sports, spas and mineral springs, medical tourism, and community and contribution.

Now in its second year, the campaign continues to grow, and locals are encouraged to take part. And why not? Focusing on self-care should be a priority, and there is no better time. Melt away stress on the massage table, reconnect with nature on one of more than 1,000 miles of trails; set your goal on a local race and start training with upcoming runs/walks; learn a new practice like yoga or mediation, or ignite a new passion for healthy cooking and cuisine.

Starting mid-September, you’ll even be able to identify your wellest persona with a simple quiz provided by the CVB and available on Instagram at @visitgreaterps. Are you The Spa Seeker, The Adventurist, The Healthy Foodie, or The Mindful Muse?

This season, we also present an array of healthy events and activities to inspire and support you along your journey – from walks and races to movies and presentations. 

Living your wellest is waking up in the morning with a smile and sincere gratitude for the many blessings in your life. It’s feeling great inside and out with a deep solace in your soul that today – and every day – you are filled with peace, happiness, and a heart full of love. 

It’s time. The season is now and your journey starts here.

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