greater-goodWe are very excited about our new Expert Advice videos launching on in early July. Our local practitioners are getting in front of the camera to offer advice on a variety of subjects from Traumatic Brain Injury to Acupuncture. Many of us (including me!) were reserved about taking the leap into video…Doctors practice medicine and I publish news print. Film was a little intimidating for us all, but once these respected professionals got in front of the camera, their personalities began to shine. It’s a visual introduction and complement to the many words of advice and knowledge they share with us on the pages of Desert Health®.

And we couldn’t have done it without Imprint Media. Patti Gribow, Kevin Rochlitz and their team delivered a professional production – and a very fun day – for us all. Joining forces with other local businesses can be refreshing and energizing as the results are usually more significant than anything you could do by yourself. As they say, there is power in numbers, and you experience a satisfying sense of achievement when you accomplish a task as a group.

In this issue, we talk a lot about working together for a greater good. Local companies and individuals are joining forces with national organizations to bring the ambitious Clinton Health Matters Initiative to fruition. The progress, which we will continue to promote editorially as on page 7, is exciting and inspiring. We are the first model community and many are stepping up to the plate. Everyone is encouraged to take part. Desert Health® is making an effort (see details below) and we feel good about participating in the brainstorming sessions, implementing action steps, and making progress to benefit the health of our community!

Power in numbers also applies to individual health. Studies show that exercising with a buddy or group can be more rewarding, fun and successful as you’ll read on page 19.

So grab a buddy, rally your co-workers, reach out and get involved. The first step may be the hardest, but the rewards and satisfaction you will feel from achieving something greater than your own individual efforts will keep you moving forward in a positive – and productive – direction.

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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