One of the valley’s leading organizations, Women Leaders Forum (WLF), is pleased to announce its emergence from the pandemic as a stronger, more relevant and highly engaged member group. Founded by renowned and former Indian Wells city council member and Mayor Mary T. Roche, WLF is celebrating its 20th year with a renewed commitment to supporting and honoring present and future women leaders in the dynamic Coachella Valley. 

“As we emerge from the disruption of these last two years, it’s our mission to reconnect, reengage and reimagine WLF as an organization that inspires and empowers each member to band together and help the community thrive and grow,” states President Jenell VanDenBos. “We are committed to being #BetterTogether!” 

The season started strong with its “Let’s Interact” monthly speaker series featuring KESQ’s anchor/investigative reporter Karen Devine, and its newly launched Book Club, most recently featuring Dr. Susan Murphy and her book LifeQ: How to Make Your Life Your Most Important Business. The following month, the organization held a 20th Anniversary Bash, and looking ahead, WLF will round out its social and educational calendar with the return of the popular Women Who Rule Awards and Scholarship Luncheon on Friday, May 6.

The event will honor accomplished women leaders in the valley, while awarding over $30,000 in annual scholarships to local graduates of the 2022 Young Women Leaders mentoring program. Esteemed women leaders will also be honored with the following awards: Mary T. Roche Community Leadership, Desert Visionary, Helene Galen Excellence in Education and Trailblazer. 

The Young Women Leaders program prepares area high school students for success by exploring career paths and college majors, providing networking and mentoring experiences and offering virtual seminars featuring local experts. To date, WLF has raised and awarded close to $740,000 in college scholarships to over 150 deserving young women. 

Founded in 2001, Women Leaders Forum of the Coachella Valley is a dynamic, diverse, and non-partisan organization that provides leadership, mentoring and educational opportunities to women of all ages and connects members across the entire Coachella Valley. 

The Women Who Rule Awards and Scholarship Luncheon takes place May 6, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Classic Club in Palm Desert. Sponsorship opportunities for local businesses to reach an influential group of women leaders are also available. In addition, nominations are being accepted for women who have persevered through leadership, ingenuity and resourcefulness throughout 2020-21. Nominees can be forwarded to [email protected]. Event tickets are $95 members/$125 non-members and can be purchased online at

To learn more about Women Leaders Forum, member and sponsorship opportunities and to purchase tickets to all events, please visit

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