As we embark upon the summer season, Women Leaders Forum (WLF) is hotter than ever with its numerous successes in programming, fundraising, mentoring and more. Find out why by marking your calendars for our summer happy hours and meeting the most extraordinary women in the desert. 

Members and non-members alike are invited to this summer’s “Happy 2 Hours” to support our WLF business members and make really cool connections. Taking place on the first Thursday of each month, the casual events run from 5:30-7:30 pm at a cost of $10 for discounted drinks, hors d’oeuvres and priceless connections. Happy 2 Hours are set for June 6 at Wildest Restaurant & Bar, July 11 at Kiki’s Dining & Drinks and August 1 at Sottovoce Café.

The 2023-24 season saw another great year of Let’s Interact: A Speaker Series, evidenced by the strong attendance from a wide variety of community members. Topics such as You Are What You Eat, Empowering Your Health, Travel Hacks and Combating the Fentanyl Crisis informed and inspired countless women leaders. 

Complementing our monthly speaker series were exclusive, member-only events, including those at El Paseo Jewelers, Pure Barre, and a Good Vibes Floating Sound Bath, plus other fun and engaging experiences for our growing number of WLF supporters. 

The year culminates with yet another extraordinary event that continues to exceed expectations – the Women Who Rule Awards and Scholarship Luncheon (WWR). Benefitting WLF’s Young Women Leaders program, this year’s honorees embody the highest qualities in leadership and achievements to which we guide our high school youth. To date, WLF has raised more than $850,000 towards merit and need-based scholarships for the next generation of leaders. Special thanks to WWR Chair Sofia Mastroberti and her talented committee, in addition to presenting sponsor SBEMP.

Yet, the changing of the season will welcome new leadership to this esteemed, women-led organization. The unwavering dedication and passion of President Jenell VanDenBos will be continued through the leadership of WLF’s 2024-25 President Elle Oliver-Edmonds. Elle’s notable influence on the Young Women Leaders program has led to unprecedented growth in high school applicants from throughout the Coachella Valley, and her guidance will ensure continual growth in membership, programming and more in the coming year. 

There are many ways to get involved in WLF as a member, volunteer or sponsor.
To learn more and preview this summer’s Happy 2 Hours, visit

Cristina Walters is the principal with C&M Communique Marketing & Fundraising and board member with Women Leaders Forum. She can be reached at (949) 633.6204 or [email protected]

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