With so much to experience – from arts and culture to golf, dining, yoga, and hiking; from wellness events to outdoor adventures, the Coachella Valley offers visitors endless opportunities to enjoy a healthy, harmonious, fun-filled visit.

We are FIND Food Bank, and as the Valley’s regional food bank, we celebrate the charm and wonder of this beautiful resort destination we call home.

In fact, many of those we serve – and have served for the past 35 years – are those who help create wonderful memories for our visitors. A significant percentage of our locally-based population of 440,000+ living here year-round work in industries that make tourism so remarkable: hospitality, food services, transportation, medicine, education, exploration and more. While many of our service industry workers are able to meet their monthly bills, others are not. The reasons vary, such as the price of gasoline going up, the electricity bill increasing, a flat tire or a much needed dental appointment, but the results are the same. The Valley has children, families and seniors who find themselves food-insecure.

At FIND, we rescue and distribute food to a service area that expands from Blythe to the San Gorgonio Pass, and Anza to Joshua Tree, with our fleet of six refrigerated trucks that move between our 36,000 sq. ft. warehouse to direct mobile food distributions and 100+ agency partners. Together we are responsible for providing an average 85,000 children, families and seniors with food each and every month. Our focus for the past few years in moving FIND forward is to concentrate our efforts on healthy food banking, constantly working with and sourcing fresh, nutritious products that help support a healthy lifestyle. In fact, 50% of the product we move is fresh fruits and vegetables.

As giving back is a primary factor for living your wellest, we invite individuals, families or companies (locals and tourists alike!) that value community goodwill and team-building to join the volunteer activities at our Indio warehouse.  Activities include hands-on sorting of fresh fruits and vegetables and canned and packaged goods, and are so important to the daily running of our food bank.

To add to the fulfillment and enjoyment of your visit to the Greater Palm Springs area, please include us in your itinerary, or consider making a donation to support the local community that takes care of you during your stay.

To learn more about FIND Food Bank visit www.findfoodbank.org or contact Director of Development and Communications Barbara Ben-David (760) 775.3663 [email protected].

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