The three local hospitals managed by Tenet Healthcare – Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, JFK Memorial Hospital in Indio, and Hi-Desert Medical Center/Hi-Desert Continuing Care Center in Joshua Tree – along with their region-wide outpatient health care centers have come together under one umbrella as Desert Care Network. The goals of the union include combining resources, continuity of care for patients, and the ability to recruit a greater number of qualified doctors and specialists to our region.

“We are excited to unveil the Desert Care Network brand, which signifies our commitment to meeting the health care needs of all the communities we serve and becoming the system of choice for both residents and visitors to this region,” said Michele Finney, CEO of Desert Regional and the Desert Care Network CEO. “Working as a unified system, we will help improve care coordination for the more than 125,000 patients we treat every year.”

On the surface, people will see the logo change and a new website as a single source for all facilities, but the underlying strategy includes a revitalization of all entities reflected in their new tagline, Health Blooms.

“As we look at collaborating and sharing services under one care unit, we are also looking at what is on the horizon for the network, and what additional services we can provide to improve the overall health status for our community,” said Linda Evans, chief strategy officer for the network. “Health Blooms represents a very positive, growth-oriented transformation, and revitalization of a comforting, trusted entity in a new light.”

While these hospitals are well known for their life-saving trauma care, comprehensive cancer care, intensive care unit for newborns, and their highly specialized stroke program, we asked if integrative health and wellness will be a focus for the new entity. According to Evans, the answer is yes. “As our foundation’s physician office practices grow, we will be able to add more integrative and wellness services.” This group of practitioners referred to as First Choice Physician Partners consists of 71 total providers (including 46 residents) regionally. With 11 Foundation office locations, the union makes recruitment for primary care and specialists easier as practitioners will now be joining the network versus a single hospital.

“Now doctors have the option to travel between the three facilities to meet the needs of each community,” adds Evans. “Where Hi-Desert may not have been able to sustain a full time specialist in the past, our doctors can now spend a few days there and other days in the valley adding a whole new level of service to that community.”

“We have physicians who are passionate to treat all patient populations, just like our hospitals do.  Our union provides that balance and allows them to see every type of patient in our community. It strengthens our ability to bring more qualified practitioners, which benefits all.” Tenet is also investing in new equipment and services to support this growth. Two new MedPost urgent care facilities, one in North Indio and one in Palm Desert, will also be added this year.

Gary Honts remains as CEO of JFK Memorial Hospital and Karen Faulis remains as CEO of Hi-Desert Medical Center.

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