There is a positive trend taking place across the country as more and more of us start to understand – and honor – the importance of preventive health. It’s the addition of wellness spaces conveniently located where people are most likely to use them – at home and work.

Progressive companies are installing sleeping pods like this MetroNaps EnergyPod.

Realizing that happy and healthy employees add to your bottom line, progressive companies like Google, Facebook and Cisco are leading the way with meditation rooms, in-house massage, yoga, and even sleep pods offering employees the opportunity to unplug and rejuvenate. Many companies are even offering in-house doctors or wellness practitioners.

I was inspired to look into this trend by two new advertisers offering in-home facilities you would expect to find only in spas and clinics. A quick search online unveiled the beautiful spaces people are creating in their homes for wellness, many turning a spare bedroom or office nook into a quiet and personal reprieve.

While the design of a wellness room is certainly personal preference – some prefer a room full of natural light while others escape to a dark space for shut-eye – there are a few common recommendations on which most seem to agree.

Wellness Room Essentials

A comfortable space emanating positive energy should be the goal. Most agreed that the space should be uncluttered and free of technology that connects you to the outside world so your attention can focus on the here and now. A soft robe and fluffy socks provide a comfy hug, and a yoga mat or sleeping pad will invite you to take part in any activity that helps you transition to calm.

Aromotherapy can help you transition to calm.

Aromatherapy not only entices the senses but also has healing properties. Try an oil infusion candle or simple spray in your favorite scent, maybe lavender to relax or peppermint to revitalize. Extra towels and blankets act as pillows or props for stretching, yoga or shut-eye.

Soothing music or sounds help set the mood, but be sure to play them on a dedicated unit (not your phone) to avoid interruptions. Try sounds of the ocean. I found a beautiful station on Pandora called Nature Sounds for Sleep, Relaxation.

Incorporating Therapies

If you have the space and want to take your wellness to another level, many purifying modalities are available. A folding massage table creates a comfortable platform for couples to share massages, or a small sauna can assist with deeper detoxification and rejuvenation.

The Sunlighten Solo System

We tried Jay Douglas’s Sunlighten Solo System sauna and were hooked. The portable far infrared pad and domes are easy to place and to store and very effective for inflammation and detoxification. The heat is warm and relaxing and produced as much sweat in one 20-minute session as a 90-minute Bikram class. The unit is simple to operate and offers chromo (or light) therapy as well. We are proud new owners and find that sessions 2-3 times a week greatly contribute to an overall sense of wellbeing. Those in the Coachella Valley can try the Solo System by contacting Jay directly.

The HOCATT offers nine modalities in one.

For those with the space and means looking for the ultimate in rejuvenation, there is the HOCATT, a top-of-the-line unit offering nine modalities in one, including a steam sauna, ozone therapy, carbonic acid therapy, far infrared, oxygen, electro, sound wave, chromo and aromatherapy. The combination of transdermal therapies is programmed to address a variety of medical and cosmetic conditions and is reported to reduce inflammation, enhance the immune system and aid in athletic and medical recovery. You do need a qualified person to assist you with operation, and certified technicians are available from the local representatives, Riggs Technology. You can try the HOCATT at Venus De Fido Luxury Spa in Palm Desert.

The wellness room can be as much or as little as you’d like it to be. Size doesn’t matter; what is important is the feeling you create. You will come to love your special space and are doing yourself a lifelong favor by practicing prevention and preserving your mental and physical wellbeing.

Editor’s note: Desert Health® writers are not compensated for product trials or reviews, and their opinions are their own.

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