The Body Deli Cosmetic Chefs and owners, Margaret Skarin and David Parker

The Body Deli Cosmetic Chefs and owners, Margaret Skarin and David Parker

We love local! So when our friends at The Body Deli announced that they were launching the Palm Springs Spa Collection, we had to help spread the word. Products like these, inspired by the Palm Springs lifestyle and made with local, organic ingredients like grapefruit and dates, promote the best our Valley has to offer to the rest of the world.

Building on the success of their other organic skin care products, The Body Deli co-founders and “cosmetic chefs,” David Parker and Margaret Skarin, developed a special collection that exemplifies the casual, chic lifestyle the world has come to identify with Palm Springs. “Since moving to the Coachella Valley in 2001, I have come to love the Palm Springs lifestyle with vibrant colors, mid-century architecture and pool side living,” explains Parker, a Northern California native. “So Margaret and I came up with the idea of creating a collection using desert botanicals grown right here in our valley.”

body-deli-2The Las Palmas blend is handmade with locally grown Medjool dates, aromatic grapefruit and blood oranges, with vanilla, ginger and a hint of evening jasmine. Featuring iconic Palm Springs modern packaging, the sultry aroma of the Palm Springs Spa Collection evokes evenings under the stars listening to classic Rat Pack Swing while sipping a fragrant cocktail.

Included in the line is The Body Deli’s first perfume. “We wanted to capture and bottle the smell of summer,” says Parker about the organic, non-alcohol based perfume. “As it contains no synthetics, it’s a perfect solution for those who are ‘anti-perfume’ or sensitive to chemicals…or simply like wearing natural scents.” It smells fresh and clean with a little bit of floral and a little spice.

body-deli-3The Body Deli has been providing ‘nutrition for the skin’ since 2001. Motivated by the concept of natural living and driven by the science of “living foods,” a staff of 10 hand-makes small batches at their Palm Desert location utilizing raw, fresh, natural and organic ingredients. The result is a myriad of nutrient-rich creations for the body, face and hair that deliver vitamins, enzymes and minerals at their peak potency.

The Palm Springs Spa Collection is available in lotion, oil, perfume, scrub and body wash formats. Retail prices range from $25 to $60 and the products may be purchased at The Body Deli’s Palm Desert store (73-910 Hwy 111) and at Raymond | Lawrence in Palm Springs’ Uptown Design District. All Body Deli products are also available on-line at or call 760-340-3731.

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  • Rebecca Robertson

    I was out in Palm Springs over Thanksgiving, my son has lived in Oakland 121/2 years and moved down to Twenty Nine Palms … him and his partner Damien bought 2 1947 cabins and are flipping them , living in one and Airbnb the other , they both sit on 5 acres !! Anyway we came into Palm Springs and stayed 4 days at the Ace Hotel …. I absolutely love the desert & Palm Springs , my son Jimmy Brower is the owner / Artist @ West Perro , an online business he began around 6 years ago … he then born Head West Market as the curator .., with anywhere between 120- 140 vendors , artists / makers / Mavericks !!!
    Getting back to your product I bought 2 of the body lotions while in Palm Springs and I love it . I actually just made an order today …. bottom line I can’t remember where I bought it at ‍♀️. I am Jimmys mom and I’m from Southern Illinois…., but I do fly out about 3 times a year … I think your product is great !!! And believe me , at 64 years of age …. I need it !!! Lol Thank you ! For your creation

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you for reading Desert Health, Rebecca. The Body Deli has many locations in Palm Springs and Palm Desert. Maybe you visited one of their stores? Their locations are listed on their website

      We hope to see you in the Desert again soon!

      Lauren Del Sarto


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