Male pregnancy dreams are becoming more common. What can they mean? “I dreamed I was pregnant!” the male caller exclaimed on my show. “What kind of a dream is that for a man to have?” The dream could be symbolic and have many meanings, including spiritual incubation for the unification of mind, body and spirit and connecting with spring’s rebirth after the winter of COVID’s barrenness. 

Pregnancy dreams are common if you are pregnant and also happen in people who aren’t expecting. If you dream of a bundle of joy, here is what it may mean.

Although research shows not all pregnancy dreams are about giving birth to a baby, some women have precognitive dreams that tell them their child’s gender.1 However, most pregnancy dreams connect to something in the dreamer’s waking world, like a developmental phase. They signal an incubation concerning situations like a new love, business beginning or spiritual awakening. They may be a precognitive “heads-up” about a life change in the works that may come to fruition in nine to 10 months. 

Our dreams are microcosms of our waking world that allow us to play out different possibilities, create different endings and experience limitless scenarios for problem-solving without fear of judgment. Fortunately, we cannot be arrested for dream crimes as portrayed in the Tom Cruise 2002 Sci-fi/Action movie Minority Report. There are only dream solutions in our world.

The vivid scenarios created in nightly dreams can be cryptic. One second you’re flying through the air to a dreamy romantic date and notice you are cradling a newborn baby. Suddenly the baby starts to cry, and you can’t get it to stop. Then you’re running around frantically searching for the crying baby you’ve just lost — even though you don’t have a baby in real life. Your dream becomes a confusing nightmare. What is the message? What new opportunity is crying for attention? 

Whether you’re expecting or not, dreams about a newborn are a normal metaphor. However, if your baby dreams are unwanted, these three steps may help minimize them: 

  • Follow a regular sleep schedule.
  • Avoid watching violent, scary, or suspenseful movies before bed.
  • Avoid cigarettes and nicotine products, and don’t drink caffeine or alcohol late in the day.

Don’t worry guys. Pregnancy dreams in men are symbolic of change and have psychological meaning. They express something positive about your potential. Embrace them as your new bundle of joy. 

Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos of Rancho Mirage is a survivor, author, dream expert, speaker, TV/radio host/producer and has been featured on Dr. Oz and The Doctors. For more information, visit

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