Profession: Clinical Compounding Pharmacist

Accreditations: Fellowship American College of Veterinary Pharmacist, Fellowship Anti-Aging &Regenerative Medicine, Member of Professional Compounding Centers of America

Career: Doctor of Pharmacy from University Ife in Nigeria, Worked for Thrifty & Wal-Mart in California (10 years), Founded Las Palmas Pharmacy in Palm Springs in 2002, Acquired the Desert’s oldest pharmacy, Fireside (1963) in 2005

Hometown: Palm Desert since 1998 where he lives with his wife, Yeti and 3 children

In this issue we are pleased to profile Yemi Omilana who was nominated by his peers for his integrative practice. Yemi’s two valley pharmacies provide pharmaceutical drugs, compounding drugs and preventive medicines.

Compounding is the mixing of prescription drugs by a pharmacist to fit a patient’s unique needs. These needs may include changing the form of the medication from a solid pill to a liquid, or to avoid a non-essential ingredient that might result in an allergic reaction, or to adjust the dose of an ingredient in a medication. We specialize in bio-identical hormones, pain creams, veterinary drugs, and sterile medications.

Why did you decide to open a compounding pharmacy?
I originally learned my trade in Nigeria, where compounding is a necessity as everything is made from scratch. I learned industrial pharmacy in college as well, but compounding is my passion.

Tell us about your newest Fellowship in Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine.
It involved three years of study and a final board exam. There is always a case for both conventional and preventative medicine and we are proud to offer both. I pursued this accreditation to be a better resource for our customers.

Why do clients choose your pharmacy over big business?
Relationships mean a lot to me and we take every patient’s case to heart. We strive to know our patient’s needs, and providing personal service is the top priority for all of our 15 employees.

What changes in you business have you seen?
More people want to explore options for prevention. Most patients now don’t want to take another pill. Traditional drugs are becoming emergency medication. A lot of people these days are thinking proactively in terms of their health.

Your best health advice?
People should cherish each other and enjoy each others’ company. Relationships are key, because if you have a strong support system, you are able to overcome any unhealthy issues, or illness that comes you way.

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Comments (4)

  • l will like to have a private chat with yemi omilana if possible

  • OLUSIPE OLUSEGUN (kuponipe)

    That is a wonderful practitioner in the field of drugs production and usage.AS This as really corb excessive use of drugs grammage which most likely have side effect on tissues and the organ without the exception of the cells.
    mi omilaba should keep it up.
    the field of medicine sky is the limt.


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