LaurenBeachWe hope you made some time to recharge your batteries and create lifelong memories.

Tom and I had a fun-filled summer that included a first-time trip to British Columbia. We were enthralled by Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria and the little beach town of Tofino, and brought back a new appreciation for western Canada.

While we expected unprecedented beauty and a laid back style, we had no idea how progressive the region was when it comes to farm-to-table cuisine and eco-consciousness. Every restaurant we visited offered organic food and grass-fed meat (and the choices were plenty!). There was not one piece of trash on the side of the road, and both old and new buildings were stunningly presented with pride. It was a wonderful journey and we will certainly return.

For this issue, we checked in with some of our contributing practitioners to see how they recharged their batteries this summer (Health is a Choice pg. 1).

We also talk about body bugs…I know, but I held onto this one for four years until I finally felt readers were ready for the topic. In addition to our lead feature, we have editorial contributions on the timely subject from an M.D., an N.D., and a nutritionist. Now is the time to join the conversation and better understand how embracing your bugs can improve your health.

We have a new section, Through the Generations, which combines our Family and Senior Health sections. Our thought is that each person reading these articles is either a parent, grandparent or has someone younger, or older, in their life, so we wanted to ensure that these important editorials were seen by all those related. Let us know what you think.

A special note that, while recharging his batteries, George Adolph took a break from his column for this issue, but don’t worry, he’ll be back for the next issue.

We cannot thank you enough for reading Desert Health®. Your enthusiasm and feedback keep us going and are greatly appreciated.

May your energy shine bright this season!

Here’s to your health ~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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