We live in a pretty extraordinary place. From hot air balloons and horses, to palm trees and mountains, vast sky with no scrapers, and bright sun shining down on our towns and farmlands, the Coachella Valley is a pretty incredible place to call home.

Many in the desert have yet to experience it all. They’ve never been to our International Horse Park or polo grounds, have never hiked our mountain trails or journeyed to Mecca to see our world-renowned fields. 

I was one of them, and last month had the opportunity to tour East Valley farmlands thanks to the team at Prime Time International. Did you know our fruits and vegetables feed people all over the world? Seeing the operations up close and understanding the magnitude gave me a new appreciation for it all.

Our valley has long been known for its produce and the many healing elements of nature that surround us, and from that has grown our robust wellness community.

The power of vegetables and wellness around the world take center stage in this issue. We catch up with Terry Wahls, MD, who continues to reverse disease with nutrition and lifestyle and is, most importantly, conducting clinical trials for evidence-based success. Medicine is listening and also opening its mind to the benefits of energy modalities. 

It’s an exciting time for wellness – in our valley and around the world.

Whether it’s the latest technology, a new practice or practitioner, an inspiring event, recipe or words of encouragement, we hope you find what you need along your journey. If not on these pages, remember, we have 10 years of local health and wellness information at www.DesertHealthNews.com.

Get out and enjoy all our beautiful valley has to offer. Explore, embrace and appreciate this extraordinary place we call home.

Here’s to your journey ~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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  • Thanks Lauren
    You truly do an amazing job!!


  • Connie DiPasqua

    Lauren. I just love reading your articles. They are filled with great information and your excitement is contagious. Thank you for sharing your knowledge & insights. You’re doing a wonderful job!!! Connie

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you so very much, Connie. Your words are very uplifting.
      Hope you and Paul are staying safe during these times.

      With appreciation ~


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