Wanderlust, the world-renowned yoga lifestyle festival, is coming to Palm Springs with their latest innovation, Wellspring. The 3-day gathering will take place October 26-28 and feature leading health and wellness speakers and a large expo, as well as yoga, meditation and other participatory activities that CEO Sean Hoess calls the “Wanderlust magic.”

For those already living the yoga lifestyle, this is very exciting news; for those thinking about it, Wanderlust is a great place to start.

Glennon Doyle

Marianne Williamson

Wanderlust’s mission is to “help people find their true north” and to live a healthy and inspired life. What started as a small yoga and meditation festival in Squaw Valley has grown to over 60 events in 19 countries; a TV station; a yoga teacher training program; and Wanderlust Hollywood, a 10,000 square-foot center in LA offering yoga and meditation classes, a world-class organic restaurant, and a full-featured performance venue.

Over 150 classes and activities will be offered at Wellspring in Palm Springs October 26-28.

“It wasn’t until we developed the concept for Wellspring that we felt that we had something that really fit for Palm Springs,” said Hoess who started the company ten years ago with partners Jeff Krasno and Schuyler Grant to bring the like-minded yoga and meditation communities together in a festival environment that “left you healthier than when you came.”

The idea took off and there are now three types of events which many attendees call transformational: Wanderlust Festivals, Wanderlust 108 (a triathlon with running, yoga and meditation), and now Wellspring. “Wellspring is dedicated to understanding, expanding and redefining wellness,” explains Hoess. “We’re bringing together the leading lights in mindfulness, fitness, nutrition and holistic health to teach, inspire and guide — but the event is about more than personal wellness. We’re equally interested in examining what makes our communities well, our society well, and our planet well.” Palm Springs will host the first Wellspring which is not planned for any other locations at this time.

Wellsprings will explore the impact of personal wellness on the world.

Because of the speaker presentations and workshops, the event is being held at the Palm Springs Convention Center. Those who have attended a Wanderlust Festival know that part of the magic is their spectacular outdoor venues (like Whistler and Squaw Valley) and Hoess assures there will be plenty of activities taking place outdoors. “We envision the participatory activities like yoga, hiking, runs, etc. taking place in the morning with the speaker events – which will also be interactive – held in the afternoon and evening.” The convention center lawn will be utilized and shuttles will take attendees to various locations throughout the valley.

“When we go into a town, we try to identify cool things unique to that town and incorporate them into the event,” says Hoess adding that there is a lot of opportunity for local businesses to get involved. They incorporate local yoga instructors and body work professionals, organize farm-to-table dinners at restaurants, and schedule music at a variety of venues.

Wellspring will feature 150 different classes, lectures, workshops and panels across fitness, holistic medicine, health, social change, conscious capitalism and more. Speakers include functional medicine guru Mark Hyman, MD; author/activist Glennon Doyle; bestselling author and Project Angel Food founder Marianne Williamson; and Deborah Dugan, CEO of (RED), the international non-profit dedicated to eradicating HIV worldwide (also the event beneficiary). Others taking part include yoga superstars Elena Brower and Seane Corn; actor, comedian and motivational speaker Kyle Cease; former President of Harpo Studios and Executive Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show Sheri Salata; and celebrity vegan chef Jason Wrobel, to name a few. Additional speakers and guests will be announced over the coming months.

Attendance is estimated at 2,000–5,000 with a majority from out of town. There is currently only one ticket type which includes all speakers and activities priced at $945. Hoess suggested they may open up a second ticket which allows access to select portions of the event as we get closer to the event.

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  • $945??? Of course, another event that a “regular” person can’t afford to attend. Whatcha bet it’s really lacking in diversity too as a result! Sad!

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Unlike most of their Wanderlust events which are around $45, this one is really a “conference” with conference pricing. They do have single day tickets available…

      We are lucky to have so many other health and wellness events in our Valley which are low cost or free! https://deserthealthnews.com/events/

      Lauren Del Sarto


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