Jennifer DiFrancescoMany Eastern principles and approaches can resonate and spread positive energy and wellness into our lives. The following are a few techniques and approaches to explore:

  • Chi is the aspect of energy from an Eastern perspective. There is a Taoist approach identifying two different types of chi; prenatal and postnatal. We are born with Prenatal. Some of us are born with stronger levels of chi at birth. Postnatal chi is the energy we cultivate and harness for ourselves after birth. Energy is everything we eat, think, do, absorb and practice.
  • How do we harness Chi in life? We direct Chi through intention. How do we harness proper intention? In an Eastern approach, it is first through Yi (what you think – the initial forms of intention) then we progress to Chi (this is the energy behind thoughts and intention) then we arrive to Li (the action or end result from thoughts and energy). Health practitioners such as Reiki Masters and Qigong Practitioners help us realize and understand our energy flow.
  • There are Chi Vampires. These are people that take the life from us. Individuals who have very low prenatal and postnatal Chi and are desperate to pull others into their low negative energy field. Instances of energy pull might simply be people around us who are having a bad day, need to be heard or have questionable boundaries. We can learn techniques (such as Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese system of movement) to ensure we protect ourselves.
  • Martial arts is a practice based around four ways to generate power. One can employ the movements of sinking, shifting, turning and rising. These are techniques that allow for leverage, momentum and power. These 4 movements are at the crux of proper movement. Multiple movements are put together and when employing these mechanics one is suddenly living from center. Our dan-tien (energy center), which resides in the belly assists us in powerful ways. Throughout the day we are using our center for all movement; expending energy outward and storing energy back inward. In order to feel connectivity in all day-to-day movement we must be in touch with these principles.
  • We must learn how to still the fluctuations of the mind. This is the ultimate definition of yoga; another Eastern practice that provides insight. How can positive intention be harnessed when the mind is darting from one place to the next? Taking some of the basics of asana (posture) and breath in yoga can create further clarity on the journey to “healthy habits.” Movements can be practiced in workday breaks. A backbend will give energy, a forward bend will provide a cool off, a twist will aid in detoxification, and a balancing posture will bring balance. These are all profound concepts woven into the practice of living and healing in our daily existence.

Intention is the first step in life toward achieving positive energy. Then, action towards a healthier, happier lifestyle will proceed.

Jennifer is a Desert native with 20 years of experience in the spa industry. She is the Director at the Hyatt’s Agua Serena Spa in Indian Wells and has a Tuesday morning wellness segment as ZenJen on 100.5fm radio.

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