Dakota ChristmasThe season is here and with it comes new and eventful change.  We talk about change a lot in this issue – positive change that is making a difference.

We introduce you to three women contributing to the improved health of our Valley schools, and the benefits that UCR’s new School of Medicine will bring to our community. We, of course, discuss lifestyle changes that can improve your individual health, and review the benefits that occur when medical doctors and natural medicine come together for whole person care.

We talk about change that needs to occur with America’s sugar high and the effect it is having on our youth. We even provide simple practices that can help you avoid sugar overload this holiday season (and the winter cold that often comes with it!).

We also introduce you to yoga instructor Jayne Robertson who was looking for a way to make a difference. She became passionate about a cause, overcame personal trepidation, and exceeded all her expectations in raising funds and traveling to work in a community in crisis. Jayne is certainly creating change.

We commend all of you who take action to create positive change in your life. Whether it is for you, a loved one, or a community, positive change matters. So keep up the good work!

As always, we thank you for reading Desert Health® and look forward to seeing you out and about this holiday season!

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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