Indio High Health Academy offers students focused skills that will help them become well-rounded professionals. Through their years in the academy, students learn biotechnology, health care and community service skills that prepare them to work in the health care industry and become active members of their community. 

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By the time they graduate from the program, students will be presented with the opportunity to earn the following certifications: HIPAA, Medical Ethics, Blood Borne Pathogens and CPR/First Aid, all which can be transferred to their jobs and post-secondary education. 

Some of the biotechnology skills students learn include gene editing, DNA analysis through the use of gel electrophoresis and diagnostic laboratory testing. The vast medical skills taught include taking vital signs, phlebotomy, suturing, IV placement and management, how to perform a general autopsy and more.  

Senior Javier Aguilera in the school’s chemistry lab

One of the major opportunities offered to students through the health academy is the National Health Career Association Certified Clinical Medical Assistant preparation course and testing. Academy students are able to graduate high school as a certified medical assistant and seek employment within our community’s health clinics and hospitals.  

Academy students also gain community service hours through participation in local events such as the annual Ironman Triathlon, Palm Desert Half Marathon, STEM fair and Youth Task Force Clean Up of our valley. These events expand student experiences and teach the value of volunteerism.

The goal of the Indio High School Health Academy is to graduate students who are ready to improve our valley with the ability to care for community members and become part of our local health care industry.

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