A year ago, I was soul-searching. There were great things happening in my work, and I was passionate about the wellness programs we were providing. However, I was starting to see new possibilities for greater impact and for me to live a more balanced life. Eventually, what I wanted became clear, so I am now opening my Functional Medicine practice, grateful for the opportunity to craft an office and educational programs that are my next step in being who I am called to be.

Transitions can be challenging. When contemplating a big choice or a change, there is a period of time during which we notice a desire or options opening and start to question what we really want. This step involves “noticing” – noticing when something creates a visceral reaction; noticing what energizes versus what drains you. This is a great time to clarify what we want. In my case, having trusted friends with whom I could brainstorm was crucial. One of them suggested that I write a list titled, “What success looks like one-year from now.” This is a way to identify what is most important to you so include everything you can think of. Understanding your “Why” is an important foundational step. For me this included prioritizing self-care actions, along with relationship and work goals.

After the “Why” came the “How.” How could I form my priorities into a practical reality? For many this step might include research. I had mentors who were most helpful as I imagined what my daily life and practice could be like. Post-It Notes became my favorite tool, as I made sure that ideas were grouped on a big wall space and I imagined walking through a typical day. Whether your style is an Excel spreadsheet or mind-mapping or Post-it Notes, getting clear on how to set up what you want to achieve is both fun, and when the vision becomes clear, a very freeing place to be!

In her book, Rising Strong, Brené Brown describes what she calls the “messy middle” as the zone when you are “too far in to turn around and not close enough to the end to see the light.” There is no avoiding this middle ground. For me the main support during this time came from the consistency of things falling into place that I never could have foreseen. And when there were times that seemed uncertain, several mantras were helpful. On my mirror is written: “What you seek is seeking you.” (Rumi) “When you are on your path, the universe will conspire to help you.” (Coelho) And “If it’s not ‘Hell Yes’ then it’s ‘No.’” (Sivers)

The biggest lesson in this transition for me has been to trust. Letting go of the illusion that I am in control is a mind-shift that I have to repeat over-and-over. It has definitely been my experience that the more I choose to stay unattached, the easier the process moves along. I am choosing daily to trust that the path will be clear for me to provide care and compassion in a way that is most effective for my skillset. Thank you for walking with me on this journey and I look forward to this year with you!

Dr. Brossfield is now the medical director at XO Health and can be reached at (760) 573.2761.

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