Choosing a career is one of the most difficult choices a student has to make. The Palm Desert Health Academy provides real world experience for students to help them make decisions for their future.

As students, we have learned that it is important to have a firm idea of what it takes to enter the profession you desire. Many students who dream of becoming a physician only see that title at its base value, but as we have learned in the health academy, medicine is a career driven by service. As such, you are tasked with putting others first. It is an occupation where your field of expertise continually expands. As a result, your knowledge base must follow suit; you are a lifelong learner.

It is also a profession that requires quick thinking and decision-making. People will look to you for answers and it is up to you to provide them. The idealism that a career in medicine embodies is one to be appreciated, but it is important to note that there are challenges involved to achieving this goal; moreover, it is crucial to be realistic about them.

The Palm Desert (PD) Health Academy is the largest pathway at the school. Courses and programs help students realize a career in medicine while offering the unique opportunity to help others through communication and commitment. It also provides students with the skills to help people in a moment of crisis.

You may think that by choosing the health academy you will only learn skills related to medicine, but you would be wrong. We also learn life skills; for example, this year we had mock interview day. This gave us a chance to step into the world of adulthood and experience how to communicate effectively with professionals.

“Health Academy provides many great opportunities to grow as people. A significant moment that changes us for the better was our mock interview day. We were presented with professionals and put on the spot. This was a very fun and educational day. Next year it’ll be even better.” – Student Zoii Strong.

Olivia Rubinsky, PD Academy student, knew since the day she was 4 years old that she wanted to be a doctor. As a child, she dressed up in her dad’s scrubs and marched around the house demanding her sisters and parents call her doctor. It was always her dream, but she never knew how to actually accomplish it until joining the health academy.

“It is much more than I expected. We have learned how to do vital signs, indwelling a catheter, CPR/First Aid, phlebotomy and how to create a portfolio. This is an amazing program for anyone who wants to learn more about the medical field and learn those essential skills required for any profession.” — Olivia Rubinsky

The Coachella Valley health academies allow students to live their dreams while learning more about medicine and provide an invigorating, applicable real world experience.

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