Palm Springs High School Academy of Learning Medicine (PALM) students are learning skills not often seen in the traditional classroom, thanks to advisory meetings with local business partners.

With input from local health care practitioners, PALM staff members have incorporated lessons into their curriculum which emphasize career-related soft skills, such as verbal communication and presentation for the work place. Medical professionals have emphasized that they can teach employees the practical or hands-on skills needed, but employees must arrive already possessing the basics. 

Each year, the health academy students of Palm Springs High School are involved in either job shadowing, interning at local hospitals or doctor’s offices, or as student athletic trainers as part of the PSHS Sports Medicine Team. 

But these additional classroom lessons help take them a step further, as shown at the recent HOSA California state competition. 

Palm Springs High School’s HOSA Chapter

Palm Springs High School’s HOSA Chapter

HOSA is a national professional organization for high school and college students pursuing a career in the health field. The organization offers students programs to develop and practice leadership and soft skills needed for success in their chosen career field. As part of the program, PALM students present at local school board and Rotary club meetings, and serve as mentors to middle school students involved in the JUMP (Junior Upcoming Medical Professionals) program. 

At the competition, twenty-seven out of fifty-nine PSHS students were top ten finalists in their respective events, and seven of the top ten finalists in the Sports Medicine Competition were PALM students. 

As a recent PALM guest speaker related to our students, “In order to be selected for employment, you must find a way to set yourself apart from the competition.” Interaction with the medical professionals within our community and association with HOSA place all Valley students involved in a medical career pathway program a step above the rest. 

For more information please contact Donna Sturgeon, CVEP Work-Based Learning Director, at [email protected]  (760) 340.1575

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